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Interested in homeschooling in South Carolina? We’ll help you get started, explain how to keep the required records, help you wade through different homeschool methods and resources, provide ways to connect with other homeschool families, and guide you through problems you may encounter along the way.

South Carolina Accountability Services

In addition to the accountability services required by SC state law, Carolina Homeschooler provides:

  • a private online member community for students and parents
  • members-only field trips and events
  • discounts for non trips, camps, and retreats
  • priority registration for events that have limited enrollment
  • online activities and classes for students (offerings vary, but has included book groups, virtual projects, Latin classes, and writing classes)
  • guidance for high school students, whether they’re college-bound, starting their own business, or entering the workforce
  • guidance for middle school “walkabout” students who want to develop independent study projects
  • member newsletters to keep you informed about new events and resources

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Don’t live in South Carolina?

Many of the resources at this site aren’t specific to SC, and you can still participate in many of our group trips without becoming a member. If you want to become a member to take advantage of our online (and offline) educational community, that’s fine, too. We’d love for you to join us!

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Need more information about homeschooling?

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