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About Carolina Homeschooler
Is Carolina Homeschooler a Third Option association?
Yes. We've recently expanded our services to provide accountability for SC families operating under Section 59-65-47. Our membership services focus on providing an interactive online community for students and parents. Our plans include optional educational workshops, projects, classes, and field trips that will encourage a collaborative learning environment for students, as well as a supportive community for parents. Whether you need us only for accountability, or want to participate fully in our online (and offline) community, we hope you'll consider joining us for the 2013-2014 school year.

You don't have to join our association (whether you live in South Carolina or beyond) in order to go on our trips. However, if you want to participate in the educational opportunities described above, you must join our association and pay the fees.

Can I join your trips or association if I live in another state?
Yes. Families all over the United States and Canada participate in our trips, events, courses, and community.

Why do you have ads on your website?
Our ads provide fundraising money for our trips. All of the proceeds from advertising, Amazon purchases, Box Tops, and Tyson Project A+ labels go toward making our trips more affordable for homeschooling families and have helped tremendously in expanding our trip, camp, and event calendar. We are very appreciative of your efforts to help us with our fundraising projects.

I email you (about homeschooling, your trips, etc.), but you never answer. Why?
I reply to every email I receive (unless it's spam). If you're not getting my replies, your ISP is blocking my emails or they're in your spam folder. Please talk to your ISP if I'm being blocked, or add my domain (carolinahomeschooler.com) to your "accepted mail" roster if my emails are landing in your spam folder.

If you email me and my reply bounces back to me by your Spam Blocker software, requiring me to "request permission" to reply, I won't. Make certain that my email address will not be blocked by your software, or you will not receive a reply.

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