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Mathematics Worksheets and Practice

Math Facts Drill Sheets - provides worksheets to drill basic and advanced math facts.

Math Worksheet Generator - this website allows you to create an endless supply of printable math worksheets.

Visual Fractions - this interactive math site teaches students how to work with fractions.

Count On - math activities, puzzles, and games to increase mathematics understanding.

Math Playground - a place for students to practice math skills and play logic games.

Math Help

Webmath Forum - a forum that answers math questions covering a variety of topics.

Dr. Math Forum - holds an archive of frequently asked math questions.

Math Curricula

Miquon Math - this is a popular math series for homeschoolers in 1st - 3rd grades. It teaches math concepts exceptionally well. It doesn't provide drill or word problems. Here are some sample pages (click on the grade level, then click on the "samples" tab).

Singapore Math - this is a popular math series which teaches math in a different way than most American texts. It has a strong focus on abstract reasoning skills and word problems, but lacks cumulative review. (The newer "Standards Edition" supposedly has more review.)  Most folks like the 1st-6th grade materials best (the high school level seems much more difficult to use and teach). Take a placement test before ordering materials since these tend to be advanced. See samples here (scroll down to "Other Sonlight Samples" then click on "Subjects", then "Math", then "Singapore".)

Note: Consider using the first two levels of Miquon for grades 1 and 2, then switching to Singapore Math in the 3rd grade. This combination provides a great hands-on foundation for conceptual skills, then builds on that with the more intensive word problem skills that Singapore provides in grades 3-6. If you use a combination of these two programs, it would be perfectly fine to stretch this through 7th grade. Singapore Math is considered advanced. If your child doesn't mesh well with either of these two programs, he/she may do better with the simplicity and repetition of Rod and Staff's math texts (see next listing).

Rod and Staff Math - here are samples and information about this traditional Math text, grades 1-8. It's great for homeschoolers who like traditional textbooks with lots of practice, and a gentle introduction of new concepts. Also good for children who are distracted by lots of color and "fluff." These texts are plain and to-the-point. They are also low-cost, and many parents let their students write directly in the text instead of on a separate sheet of paper (there is plenty of room for that, at least in the lower grades.) To order, call Rod and Staff Publishers at 606.522.4348.

Key to Math series - gentle workbooks that are great for students who need to cover one concept at a time with plenty of white space on a page. They can be very useful in building confidence in math or reinforcing specific math skills. Most workbooks can be used as early as the 4th grade, Algebra is recommended for 5th and above. The series covers fractions, decimals, percent, measurement, metric measurement, algebra (more or less equivalent to Algebra 1, but not as in-depth as a regular Algebra 1 course), and basic geometry (not as in-depth as a regular school-level course).

Jacob's Elementary Algebra, Geometry - a popular high school math series, especially as an alternative to Saxon Math. Jacob's teaches the "why" of math as well as the "how", and uses cartoons and humor to get the concepts across. He loves math, and it shows in his texts. Most people recommend doing the Set 1 exercises, which are a of review of previous concepts, and Set 2 exercises, which are based on the chapter just studied. Set 3 is recommended if there were a lot of mistakes in Set 2 and the student needs re-teaching. Set 4 are challenge problems. There is continual review of previous concepts throughout the text, and there is a review of Algebra topics throughout the Geometry text so students won't lose their Algebra skills. If you purchase this text, make sure you get the teacher guide, too, so you'll have the answers to the Set 1, Set 3, Set 4, and chapter review exercises. Set 2 exercises are in the back of the text. There are also test masters available if you'd like separate tests, or you can use the chapter review exercises as tests, if you want. This text is hefty and usually takes more than a year to complete. If you decide to use it, it may be best to begin in 7th or 8th grade.

Paul Foerster's Algebra texts - after 20+ years of homeschooling, Foerster's texts have settled in to be my favorite high school Algebra texts. He's not as "wordy" as Jacobs (see above), so it doesn't take as long to get through the text, yet he provides thorough coverage of the subject. I like the Prentice Hall Classics editions the best. They're inexpensive, simple, and without the bells and whistles that clutter newer texts. If your Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Trigonometry skills are rusty, consider getting the "Math Without Borders" video lessons to go with these. See the Math Without Borders website for more information about the texts, video lessons, and for information about Geometry resources.

Math Without Borders DVDs - Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry
Math Without Borders provides videos to supplement specific Algebra and Geometry texts. The videos include explanations, step-by-step solutions to problems, and instruction for each corresponding chapter in the texts. It's an inexpensive solution to full-fledged (and more expensive) video or online math courses. We've used the Algebra 1 DVD with great success. The author is working on adding a Pre-Calculus course in the next year or two.

Math Samples - The Sonlight Curriculum website provides samples of many different math programs.

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