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History Books and Magazines

Appleseeds - history and social studies magazine by Cobblestone publishing for elementary grades. Each issue focuses on a specific topic.

Calliope - a world history magazine for students in upper elementary and middle school. Each issue centers around a world history theme.

Cobblestone - very popular history magazine for students in upper elementary and middle school. Most issues center around an theme in American history.

Dig - a wonderful archaeological magazine for middle- to high-school students. Each issue centers around a specific theme.

Learning Through History - a world history magazine developed for homeschoolers. Each issue focuses on one period in history.

Notable Books for Social Studies - a list of books selected as the best in social studies for young people. The committee publishes a list every year.

History Texts

A History of US - a favorite US history series for homeschoolers for middle school and up, written in an engaging style with plenty of photographs and illustrations.

The Story of the World - a four-volume world history series for elementary students. A popular resource for homeschoolers because the books read more like novels than textbooks.

History Projects

Westward Ho! - this simulated internet journey allows classes and homeschoolers to travel the Oregon Trail as part of an interactive wagon train. Across the country, collaborative "families," based on real families from America's past, make daily decisions (travel and fate scenarios are provided by the project moderators) that will influence their safe arrival in Oregon.

History Outlines and Timelines

Outline of US History - the U.S. Department of State's comprehensive outline of United States history.

Smithsonian American History Timeline - a linked timeline of American history published by the Smithsonian in partnership with various history-related sites.

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