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Disney World, Universal, and SeaWorld
Trip information is divided into five pages in order to help you plan your trip to Disney World, Universal, and SeaWorld. Please read through all of these pages before registering.

Hotel Information
Disney Educational Programs
Important Things to Know ← you are here
Registration Form

Important Things to Know

Travelers who register early will have a better chance of getting any extra non-student tickets they need and will have priority for attending the Disney educational programs. (We can't have more parents than students attending.)

Payment will be due in my mailbox within 7 days of the day I send your confirmation email. Please don't register until you're able to pay for your tickets. (This eliminates the need to send repeated payment reminders.) If I don't receive your payment, your registration will be deleted.

I accept checks, bank checks, and BillPay through your bank. I can't accept PayPal or credit cards (credit card checks are fine). Families from Canada (and other countries outside of the US) are encouraged to register well before the deadline to allow enough time for checks to clear and avoid a delay in mailing tickets.
Homeschoolers from other states and countries are welcome to join us. We've enjoyed meeting homeschooling families from across the US and Canada on previous trips.

You choose your accommodations - can stay at our group hotel, at another Disney Resort, or off-property (hotel, timeshare, campground, etc.). If you stay at a Disney Resort, I can book your room and other Disney amenities for you, if you'd like. Just note your preferences in the comments section on the registration form and we'll work out the details after I confirm your registration.

We are not participating in Disney's Homeschool Days. We prefer to choose our own dates, and our own educational programs instead of being limited to whatever is being offered on Homeschool Days.

For each Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld park ticket you purchase for your school-age children, you can purchase one identical ticket for yourself, your spouse, and/or another non-student guest in your party. Our total of non-student tickets cannot exceed our total student tickets. Larger families with more students usually balance out those with fewer students, so I keep a waiting list to distribute out the tickets in the order I receive registrations. Just keep in mind that you might not be able to get our discounted group tickets for every guest in your party if you have fewer students. The earlier you register, the better chance you'll have of getting the extra tickets you need. I'll do the best I can for you.

All children in grades K-12 must be registered for and attend at least one Disney educational program in order for your family to qualify for our discounted Disney tickets. Everyone must attend an educational presentation at SeaWorld in order to qualify for their discounted tickets.

The Kingdom Keepers Quest is an optional add-on event for students who are already registered in one of Disney's other educational programs. It is intended for children in grades 5-9, but children in other grades can participate. However, they may not get as much out of the experience (it may be too easy or too difficult, so use your best judgment). You must attend this Quest with your child. One parent will lead each group of 5 students (they'll have a leader's guide, but you'll still have to attend with your child).

Your Disney and Universal tickets will be mailed to you via Priority, tracked, signature-required mail at least two weeks before our departure date. In eight years of coordinating this trip, we've never lost tickets in the mail. SeaWorld tickets will be distributed the morning of our visit.

You can choose your own arrival date, but you must plan your arrival so your students can attend at least one Disney educational program. I've scheduled our programs on Monday-Wednesday. See the Disney Educational Programs page for more information.

You will not be able to purchase Disney's non-expiration option for our discounted park tickets. They will be valid 7 days before our main group arrives and will expire 7 days after our main group leaves.

If you stay at a Disney Resort, you will most likely will be able to add our educational group ticket to the new MyMagic+ wristband to get everything on one card (or wristband). However, please bring your tickets with you everywhere just in case something glitches. If your band doesn't work, your ticket will.

Park admission is required for most Disney educational programs (except for Backstage at La Nouba). Make sure you save one (or more) of those days for admission to the park that is hosting the educational programs you registered for. You don't have to stay at that park after the conclusion of the program. Since you have hopper tickets, you can hop to another park afterwards. Each program lasts between 2 and 3 hours on a specific day (programs don't carry over on multiple days). Don't use all your park days before your scheduled program.

If you decide not to take the trip after paying, a refund is not guaranteed. Please read and understand my refund policy (located on our main Disney Trip page, in the Important Notes section) before sending your money! In any case, a $26 cancellation fee per person will be charged.

Hurricane Policy - Disney will work with us on a case-by-case basis in the event of a direct hit (or anticipated direct hit) from a hurricane right before our arrival or during our stay. There are no guarantees, but they'll almost definitely refund unused tickets. If the tickets are partially used they’ll work with us to finish the use of the tickets. If there's just heavy rain from a hurricane, they won't refund our tickets - we'll just have to deal with the rain. I'll do my best on your behalf if there's an event that impacts our stay, but there are no guarantees. Please register with this in mind.

And that's it!
Thanks for reading all of this! If you still want to go, it's time to register.
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If you'd like help planning your trip, consider joining my (affectionately titled) Disney Stalkers community, where other Disney families have gathered to help each other.

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