Trip FAQs

Can we go on your group trips if we don’t homeschool in South Carolina?

Yes, homeschoolers all over the United States (and Canada!) participate in our trips. The more, the merrier (and the better group discounts we get).

Do you know all the families on your trips? Will I feel like an outsider?

Although I have a lot of repeat travelers, the majority of families on each trip are meeting me (and each other) for the first time. You won’t feel like an outsider, and will most likely make new lifelong friends.

My husband doesn’t like being part of a group. Should we still go?

Yes! Many husbands have told me they started out feeling the same way, but ended up enjoying my trips after all. I organize them so families can stick with the group, go their own way, or mix things up according to how they’re feeling each day. We’re not stuffy, and they won’t be stuck with us the whole time.

Can I opt out of the hotel, meals, transportation, or specific sites on each trip?

Probably not. We often have to reach minimum numbers to qualify for group discounts, so if several families opt out of a specific event or the hotel, then the rest of the group may be negatively impacted. I’ll offer more hotel-optional trips in the future so families who have travel trailers, hotel points, or whatever, can join us, too.

What do your trip fees cover?

They cover the cost of planning and organizing each trip, hotel, admission fees, educational programs, included meals, included transportation, and anything else that I can get at a group discount. Read the description for each trip to see what’s covered. We also use fundraising money (Amazon affiliation, Box Tops, Tyson Project A+, and website advertising) to lower the cost of our trips and cover unexpected, last-minute expenses.

Do you have references from people who’ve been on your trips?

Many of the families who’ve been on my trips have volunteered to share their experiences (the good, the bad, and the whatnot) with others. Feel free to request references in my forums.

Have more questions about our trips? Email me!