Carolina Homeschooler was created in 2004 to increase communication and support for South Carolina’s third option homeschoolers. We began coordinating group trips in 2006, and it wasn’t long before families from all over the United States and Canada started joining us on our trips.

Families kept asking us to provide the accountability services required by South Carolina law, so we added membership services in 2013. We also added more local field trips, camps, classes, and a supportive online community for our students and their parents. Families from other states also become members for our members-only events, trip discounts, and online activities.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our organization:

Is Carolina Homeschooler a Third Option association?

Yes, we expanded in 2013 to provide accountability services for SC families operating under Section 59-65-47.

Can I join your association if I don’t live in South Carolina?

Yes, we have members from all over the United States and Canada.

Why do you have ads on your website?

Proceeds from advertising, Amazon purchases, Box Tops, and Tyson Project A+ labels helps to lower the cost our trips and cover operating expenses. They’ve helped tremendously in expanding our trips, camps, and events, and help to cover unexpected costs and price increases. We appreciate everyone who helps us year after year with our fundraising projects.

I want to send you Box Tops and Tyson Labels. What’s your mailing address?

Thank you for helping us with our fundraising! You can mail your Box Tops to:

Carolina Homeschooler
PO Box 1421
Lancaster, SC 29721

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