What Our Members Say

We’ve enjoyed providing expanded membership services to families and are sometimes asked if Carolina Homeschooler is worth the extra cost. Each family has different needs and we believe you’re the only one who can judge if our services are worth the fees we charge. Hopefully this information will help you decide whether we’re the right choice for your family.

Here’s what others have to say when I asked them whether or not they thought membership with Carolina Homeschooler was worth the extra cost:

(NOTE: No one ever receives compensation in any form for their review of Carolina Homeschooler.)

I just switched over to Carolina Homeschooler for the next year. So, though I wasn’t in this group for this year, I can tell you why I switched. I switched because I feel this group has better support. I’ve been on the forums and following the page for a while now and find that I get answers to my questions very quickly. My other accountability group was fine overall, and it was cheaper. However, I felt it was more me and a computer than me and a person. I’m also looking forward to using the book clubs too! Also, as my kids get older, high school starts to be on my mind. I want to feel like I’m working with a person, rather than a just a website, if I need extra support then. I’m not sure how many of the trips we’ll use, so we’re not doing it for the discount on those. That will just be a nice little bonus if we do those. -Emily

Definitely worth the cost. Even if you don’t go on a lot of field trips, the ideas of the trips are helpful and offer ideas. Great support. Love the book groups and the community. -Lindsay

It’s not worth it because we can’t afford the field trips. You are very professional and we haven’t taken advantage of the online opportunities. We live in Westminster SC so we’re a bit far from most of the field trips but that’s just the way cookie crumbles. No issues with the association. -Annie

I’m a NC homeschooler. Definitely worth it for me! Activities that I don’t have to spearhead. Book groups, writing classes, and field trips are all wonderful additions to our schedule. -Carole

I didn’t join last year as I was already a member elsewhere, and I missed out on a lot of inexpensive, members-only opportunities. We are joining, without a doubt this year! -Lori

I think it is very well worth it. We just registered for our 2nd year. That should say it all. -Daniela

I’m a CPA by trade and had to crunch the numbers before we bit the bullet and switched from our basic hands-off association last year, but am so glad I did! Here’s what I posted in my little circle of close friends recently: “Some of you have asked about the relatively new 3rd option with Carolina Homeschooler, so I wanted to pass this opportunity along in case you’re interested for next school year [with the Civil War field trip attached]. She does have a discount if you join this month…and there are travel discounts, book clubs, and a new elementary Spanish class (starting Mon) for members – with the opportunity to earn Amazon gift cards – so the extra cost can be recouped over time. You can still join even if you’re outside SC and don’t need the legal association. We have very much enjoyed our trips to Disney, Alaska, sleeping in the shark tunnel at Ripley’s Aquarium-Myrtle Beach, Challenger Learning Center, and NYC (in May) with Dianna and the friends we’ve met through CH along the way! In fact, many of them are in this small group! -Jennifer

I joined last year for our first year homeschooling 5k and joined for next year as soon as it was announced. Being new to homeschooling, and feeling a bit lost, I needed good support to get on the right track. It’s so much more than worth it for the personal sweetness CHS gives. We don’t live nearby but try to get involved with field trips when we can and look forward to them! I’m so thankful for CHS I can’t say it enough! -Toni

I just paid for the upcoming year and although my membership is not “active” yet, you have already been an incredible resource to us. You respond immediately and in kind. The past two accountability groups have been nightmares. I literally yelped out loud when you posted the early bird discount. My daughter is currently 4th grade if that helps the younger age set shopping. Thank you for all you do. -Amber

You make me want to move to South Carolina. I need a clone of you in Georgia please. You do awesome things Dianna, truly make a difference in the world. We can’t wait for our next trip with Carolina Homeschooler. – Theresa

Let me ring in with my opinion! This is my first year homeschooling. When I was going through the difficult task of deciding whether or not it was something I could do, Carolina Homeschooler was there to answer questions (before it even opened as a 3rd option). She was fast and her website offered so much information. Every time I had a question, I was able to go over to the site and find an answer. She is so very knowledgeable of everything homeschool. I just fell in trust with her and the information provided by the association and its members. I had already picked out an association when CH opened as 3rd option. It was as difficult to choose an association as it was to choose curriculum for two students. So I had a dilemma. Do I go with the one I had chosen, or do I go with Carolina Homeschooler. Both offered what I wanted: no required religion, no standardized testing, no mandatory meetings. I just wanted to do what I needed to do under the law and be left alone. There was a $60 difference in cost, Carolina Homeschooler being more expensive. So after I looked back at how much Carolina Homeschooler had been there for me in many ways during my initial questions, it was a no-brainer. What’s $60? Yes, there are all sorts of online classes and field trips that I have not been able to delve into yet because I’m still learning how to homeschool, but I can’t wait to get more involved (this is coming from an introvert). Everything looks so fun and interesting, and there are so many options to choose from if you want to be involved with other families. I have to say that if you want to do homeschool your way, and be supported while doing it in every way, the cost to have Carolina Homeschooler stand behind you is nothing. I paid $100 to homeschool my children for the 2013-2014 school year. I didn’t get to get in on the discount, but I will gladly pay the extra $20 bucks. It’s worth every penny to me. I’m not sure if you will ever find another association with a real, live Superwoman at the helm. -Jennifer         

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