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    28 March 2013 02:50 PM

    The Greenville, SC, Peace Center’s youth performance series presents “Hitler’s Daughter” on March 27-28. Did Hitler’s daughter, Heidi, really exist? In an intriguing tale about Heidi, a young girl whose father was one of the most dreaded men in history, the audience is caught in the turmoil of World War II and Nazi Germany. The award-winning Hitler’s Daughter brings history to life and challenges young people to question the issues of war and genocide, as they remember the Holocaust. This show will be performed twice daily at 9:50AM and 12PM in the Gunter Theater and is best suited for grades 4-9. This show connects to Social Studies, English/ Language Arts, Fine Arts, and Community Values curriculum components. For more information call 864.679.9207 or visit http://www.peacecenter.org/pop/2013/hitler.

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