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Events for September 14, 2013

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----- Shark Weekend - 9/14-9/15 - Carolina Homeschooler
By Dianna

Join us for our Shark Weekend. We'll begin our adventure at Myrtle Beach State Park (SC) to discover the truth about these fascinating and important predators of the sea. While we're there, we'll catch (and release) a variety of crabs, fish, and other sea critters for a closer look at what lies beneath the surface.

After lunch and some free time, we'll head over to Ripley's Aquarium for a fun-filled night that includes a dive show, behind-the-scenes tour, and a creature feature scavenger hunt. We'll wrap things up with a late-night snack and activity before setting up camp in the aquarium's Dangerous Reef Tunnel, where the sharks will keep a watchful eye on us while we sleep.

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----- SC - By the Sweat of Our Brows
By Dianna

By the Sweat of Our Brows
Saturday, September 14, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
1444 Brattonsville Road, McConnells, SC.

Records indicate that in 1843, the Bratton plantation was home to 139 enslaved men, women and children. More than 150 years later, their descendants have come together to help Historic Brattonsville honor and celebrate their ancestors’ legacies. Historic Brattonsville is one of the few living history sites in the region which shares the story of African-American history.

Meet nationally recognized historian, Joseph McGill, Jr. For the past ten years, McGill, a Field Officer for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has travelled throughout twelve states conducting the Slave Dwelling Project. McGill finds extant slave dwellings and ask stewards to spend a night in them with him. On September 13, he will be sleeping in one of the original slave cabins at Historic Brattonsville, along with selected interpreters, descendants and students. After each slave cabin experience, he publishes a blog which can be found at www.lowcountryafricana.com.

The purpose of the project is to honor African American ancestors by helping to save the places that can help tell the stories of the people who inhabited them.

On Saturday at 12:45 pm, McGill will present a program at the Visitor’s Center on the Slave Dwelling Project, with particular reference to his stay in the slave cabin at Historic Brattonsville. Other activities include theatrical performances, craft and food vendors, music, bus tours and more. Have a hot-lunch and plan to stay the entire day!

Admission: Adult $6; Senior $5; Youth 4-17 $3; 3 and under Free; CHM members Free, website: http://chmuseums.org/brattonsville/

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