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    10 September 2013 12:00 AM

    Square dancing is a fantastic way to exercise, learn to dance, meet new people and have fun. Forget every thing you think you know about Square Dancing and come have the time of your life. Have two left feet? No problem, as Square Dancing is not about your feet – it’s about where you are going and who’s hand you are holding.
    The beginners’ lessons sponsored by the Star Promenaders Dance Club are held at The Yellow Rock Hall in West Columbia at 2211 Platt Springs Road. You can get directions and more information at the Hall’s web site WWW.YellowRockHall.COM or call (803) 979-9532. The beginner Square Dance lessons are offered on Monday evenings starting at 7:00 PM. While we would love to have everyone attend every class, it is acceptable to miss one or two. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and we always review what was taught in the previous week. The lessons are open to new students for the first 4 weeks and then the class is closed to new students. The entire series of lessons takes about 4 months depending on the overall progress of the students.
    Starts Monday September 9 - You can join anytime in September and then the class is closed to new students in October. $5/class.
    Square Dancing is For the Young and the Young at Heart - Teaching Square Dancing to those from the ages of 9 and up (even in their 80s)

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