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Event: SC - Digital Media exhibition [begins today]

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Added by Halsey_Institute , 07 Jan 2014

Taking place 31 Jan 2014 (Single Day Event)


Opens - Friday, January 31st
Closes - Saturday, March 8th

Above the Fold is an exhibition of a series of artworks that take their point of departure from world news images from the New York Times. Included in Above the Fold are gouache on paper paintings, digital images, an interactive installation with multiple animations, and an iPad application.

Above the Fold traditionally refers to the upper half of the front page of a newspaper where an important story or photograph catches the attention of passersby. In the digital age it refers to what is visible on the screen without scrolling. These images proliferate endlessly suggesting that the news is entertainment. Artist Jody Zellen calls attention to this bombardment by creating her own over-saturated installation. She begins with an image that appears above the fold culled from both digital and print media and proceeds to alter it in a variety of ways. In one series of works she reduces the image to its essential pixels distilling the photograph into a grid of colors. While the original image is diffused, it never disappears. Through a process of layering fragments taken from news photographs she builds an abstract composition. Images of war, man made and natural disasters and the destruction they cause are ubiquitous in the digital age. Today one expects instantaneous documentation of events as they occur. By appropriating this imagery Zellen changes its context and therefore the way the images communicate and how what they represent is understood.
Interaction and interactivity are also major components of Zellen’s work. She was an early embracer of net art and has made numerous works that are viewed through a browser. She expanded this interactivity into physical space by making sensor driven installations. For Above the Fold Zellen has been commissioned to create a new site specific interactive installation in which viewers will determine the sequencing of animations and sounds by activating various triggers within the space. The resulting piece will be a dynamic collage of moving elements in which viewers can choreograph their own experience. These components will also be featured in a new iPhone/iPad app that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
College of Charleston
161 Calhoun Street
Charleston, SC 29401
FREE guided tours are available by appointment.
Contact Lizz Biswell // BiswellL@cofc.edu // 843.953.5957
To learn more about Jody Zellen's artwork and see images, please visit http://halsey.cofc.e...nd-bob-trotman/