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  3. Hi, I am totally new to the whole homeschooling idea! My child isn’t even school age but I’m trying to research my education options now. Are there any large co ops in the area that meet 1-2 days a week?
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  5. Homeschool Friday: Columbia in Wartimes

    What was life like in Columbia during the numerous wars that our country fought? Students will examine what occurred on the Homefront from the Revolutionary War through Vietnam. We will learn about what Columbians did to help and to protest, as well the various war efforts throughout our long history. All homeschool students are invited to participate in Historic Columbia’s Homeschool Friday programs on the first Friday of the month. Each month’s program is from 10 - 11:30 a.m. and includes hands-on activities while students learn and explore different themes and historic sites with Historic Columbia. Homeschool Friday programs are designed for students of elementary and middle school age levels. Homeschool Friday is open to families and homeschool groups of less than 10 students. For larger groups, we recommend arranging a separate visit to explore that month's topic. Program participants should gather in the Gift Shop at Robert Mills on the day of the program unless otherwise noted. The cost is per student, with an accompanying adult free. Homeschool Fridays are $5 for members, $6 for non-members and $8 for both members and non-members at the door. If you have questions, would like to be on our mailing list, or if you would like to register for the entire year of Homeschool Friday programs, please contact us by email or call 803.252.1770 x 26.
  6. I plan on doing another writing competition again soon.
  7. St. Patrick's Day!

    I had green-dyed fruit salad and peppermint and chocolate ice cream to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
  8. Can anyone tell me a free accredited homeschool program that I can use with my 7th grader and kindergartener if I want to start homeschooling them? Thank you!!
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  10. Moonlight Cemetery & Secrets from the Grave Tours

    One hundred and sixty years of history will come to life during our popular Cemetery Tours! Grab your flashlight as we tour one of Columbia's oldest cemeteries and discover centuries of stories etched in stone on the markers and headstones found within Elmwood Cemetery's acres of carefully planned grounds. The perfect after-work activity, our cemetery tours are an event the whole family will enjoy. Choose from two tour options every month through September: Secrets from the Grave Tours, 7:30 pm: Join us before dark to study the symbols found on many of the markers and headstones in this historic cemetery. Moonlight Cemetery Tours, 8 & 8:30 pm: Tour Elmwood Cemetery and discuss the lives, burials, cemetery plots and tombstones of families and prominent citizens from Columbia's 19th and 20th centuries.
  11. Fav Character: Prequels ( Episodes 1-3 )

    lol totally random XD
  12. Fav Character: Prequels ( Episodes 1-3 )

    I spelled Amidala wrong XD Amidala*
  13. Kid's Discover

    Hi Angel, I gave you access to our member's area so you should be able to see the Parent's Lounge now. More information about Kids Discover access is there. You missed the March cutoff dates, but I'll open access for April around April 9 or so. (I'll be away for a trip the end of March and first week in April.) Warmly, Dianna
  14. Kid's Discover

    Trying to find login information for the Kids discover? Thanks for help!!
  15. Fav Characters 2

    If they don't i'll be like :l
  16. Fav Characters 2

    Make sure you watch the final 5 episodes of Star Wars Rebels tonight starting at 5! S4 E11 - S4 E15 ( Series Finale ) Does Ashoka Tano Survive? Does she live for episode 4-6?? Does she train luke between 5-6 ??? Will we see tonight?? They better confirm what happens to Ashoka
  17. Fav Characters 2

    Fav Characters from 3-4!
  18. Fav Character: Prequels ( Episodes 1-3 )

    Somebody needs to talk beside me... Because i would be talking 4ever and by the time somebody else says something 4 pages would be used! XD
  19. Fav Character: Prequels ( Episodes 1-3 )

    Sadly i couldn't put 3 in there.. so that will be in the next topic
  20. Choose your favorite star wars character from episodes 1-3 The Prequels!
  21. Trying to find other teenagers for our 14 year old son to hang out with. Anyone available who needs the same support for a teenager in the area please let me know.
  22. Anyone homeschooling in the Mount Pleasant SC area?

    I'm in Mt P with a 5 & 2 yr old
  23. Greenville SC - tweens and teens

    Hi Kimberly, We had a good group of teens and tweens at our field trip on Monday, but I understand why you couldn't make it. The weather is improving, so I'm planning more Outsiders events. I'll make it up your way soon. I hope you can join us for those! Warmly, Dianna
  24. Hi, Seems most of the groups in the Upstate are for the youngsters. I have 2 boys, 12 & 15 who are looking to make local friends to have some fun with. They are into gaming, hanging out, swimming, etc.. One is into RPG and the other prefers board games and videos over tabletops. We had a huge network before moving to SC that had a good teen scene and just have not found the right circle in the tip of the state. I am already on many of the facebook groups but find most of the events are still a cater to smaller children or take hour(s) plus to get to. We also do not mind evenings, weekends etc... so we can do family hikes or picnics etc. It has been hard to connect. Thanks
  25. Hello everyone and happy St. Patrick's Day! Here you may impart your St. Patrick's Day knowledge upon us, tell us your favorite things to do on this holiday, or even just send green memes. Just have a good time with a St. Patrick's Day theme!
  26. Saturday Stroll | Five Points

    Join us as we explore one of the earliest planned suburbs of Columbia where the introduction of street car lines provided the catalyst for its explosive growth. Learn how Five Points became the first major commercial district in South Carolina located away from a town’s main street. Second Sunday Strolls & Rolls are a such a popular monthly event that we're expanding to include a few Saturdays in 2018! So join us, when weather permits, in historic districts throughout Richland County. Second Sunday and Saturday Strolls are free for members and $8/adult and $5/youth for non-members. Space is limited. For more information, visit historiccolumbia.org, call 803-252-1770 x 23, or email reservations@historiccolumbia.org.
  27. Easter Egg Hunt in the Gardens

    Enjoy a family-friendly Easter egg hunt on four-acres of gardens and landscaped greenways at the Seibels House & Gardens (1601 Richland Street). View examples of historical, natural dyed eggs with samples of the items used to dye it and information on how-to at home. Bring a camera for photos with the Easter Bunny and children will play historic outdoor games.
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