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SC Museum History Camp-In Trip Report - 2012

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SC Museum History Camp-In & BodyWorlds Exhibit - 2012


We had 143 homeschooling parents and children join us for our first museum camp-in at the SC State Museum. The overnight camp had history theme, and we were able to make butter; taste grits, hardtack, and chicory coffee; play children's games of the era, and view the night sky as it appeared in the 1800’s in an inflatable Star Lab dome.


While we were there, we had private access to the rest of the museum (it was closed to the public). We also visited the BodyWorlds Vital exhibit the next morning.


Our campsites were located throughout the museum in the different galleries, and the children probably enjoyed the "camp out" aspect of the trip most of all.


I've received overwhelmingly positive feedback from my families, and many have said they would enjoy doing another one. However, the one thing that everyone agreed on was that the scheduling could have been better/less confusing. I think this was a new camp for them (they've done camp-ins before, but the history theme was new), and they haven't gotten the tweaks (or the scheduling) worked out yet. That said, almost (if not all) of my families said they'd go back again in spite of that, so that speaks a lot about their enjoyment of the camp.


I'll plan another camp-in at the museum when they develop a new theme, but will discuss scheduling beforehand to make sure activities, mealtimes, and light's out goes a little more smoothly.


I hope you can join us next time!

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