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Mission to Space - March 21 & 22, 2013 - Trip Report

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The Mission to Space field trip got great reviews again this time. Here's what our participants had to say:


- The staff were knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and polite. The activities were age appropriate and enjoyable for kids and adults. We had an absolutely fantastic and wonderful time. My daughter was smiling when we left. She was also excited to quiz her dad and brother about the things she learned while there. Even I learned a few bits of new space trivia. We would definitely attend next year. We both hope you consider placing this on the schedule next time around. Thank you again...for this trip and the many yet to come.


- We loved it! Thank you so much for scheduling it. It was very educational and fun. My girls are still talking about all of it.  Thank you again!


- We thought it was terrific. It was the best field trip we have been on this year. The instructors were great and they covered a lot of material. We will definitely be checking out more opportunities with you for next year.


- We loved it!  My son is asking when we will be going back!  The people are wonderful!  Great field trip!


- We absolutely loved it! I only homeschool my youngest (5th grade) still, but think my older teens would have really liked the flight simulators also! Wish I had had them go also!!! Great trip!!


- I had kids in both age groups and both programs were great! We really enjoyed that it was so hands on. My kids loved it. I would definitely recommend putting it back on the schedule. Thanks for organizing it!


A big thanks to everyone who went and gave me reviews. We'll definitely put this back on the schedule for next year.





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