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Flight School - March 28 & 29, 2013 - Trip Report

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I've gotten great reviews for our Flight School field trip again. Here are the reviews I've received so far:


- FABULOUS!!! My husband went and is enroute home now. Our son and my husband (a lisc. pilot) said it was very organized, professional, and thorough. Thank you!


- Great teacher, length good, interesting, learned a lot. Well worth the trip. But the best part was that the teacher was a great teacher. Thank you!


- My daughter and I had a great time. She is the pilot, I only crash landed my planes. :)  Instructor was good and so was the class. We learned a lot.


- A++++++ We loved it. The program was a lot of information in a short time, which can be difficult, but Commander Triest did a great job managing the time. We ended a little early which Cmdr Triest was worried about, but we were glad for it as it allowed for more simulator time. My son stayed to work on the simulator for an extra hour since the program ended earlier than expected.


- I was at information overload before the first break, my son was focused the entire time. Liked that the instructor alternated simulations with instruction on the white board and the individual time he gave each student while the simulations were going on. My son said his favorite part was doing the simulations, both during class and the free time. He liked it when the instructor called out different instructions and we had to fly/adjust to the headings. Enjoyed the entire day and my son is even more determined to fly. Thanks for planning this trip!


I'm glad everyone enjoyed it! We'll put it back on the calender for next year. :)



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