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Possible Move to SC

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Hey :)


 I grew up in Powdersville, SC and we are looking at moving back to the state. We long to be near family as my family is pretty large. We have two special need kids and looking at OPT 3. I currently HS them in NC and do most of what OPT 3 has. We do Jan-Thanksgiving time frame, I keep plans and use Homeschool Tracker Plus for records. We do the CAT test. etc...


 We are currently looking at Ryan homes in Easley, Greenville and Simpsonville. We are not sure when the move will take place due to the house here in NC.


 Once we figure it out and it is closer, how long does it take to be accepted or join a group and begin HS. My kids are such routine creatures that if I lessen the blow of changes it will be easier. It may be that we might end up at a rental or families house awaiting house there. All depends on the market.


 Any advice and friendly chats are welcomed, and much needed.



 TY kindly

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Hi, and welcome to our community! :)  It doesn't usually take long for registrations to be processed, depending on the association and time of year. If you're certain you'll be moving to SC, you can email 3rd Option associations now to get a sense of how they operate and choose the one you'd like to join. If you choose one that accepts members statewide, you could go ahead and register before you move so that'll be one less thing you'll have to worry about, regardless of where you end up.




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