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mamajlj    1

Hi there! We are planning to move to SC next spring/summer and I was just interested in finding out more about homeschooling there. Currently our oldest attends public school, but we are planning to hs once we are settled. I'd love to know if there are active local groups, what the laws/regulations are (we are in NY and the rules are a bit crazy) and any other information that could be passed along. Thanks!

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Dianna    476

Hi, and welcome! :)


I think you'll find homeschooling in SC easier than in NY (from what I've heard about NY in the past). To find out more about homeschooling under our 3rd Option law (the majority of homeschoolers go this route), see http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/alegal.html


I'd also recommend that you read through my FAQs at http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/afaq.html


For more extensive information about homeschooling, you may want to read my homeschooling guide available here: http://amzn.to/Mj41rh  It discusses methods, resources, schedules, high school, record-keeping, and more, and is intended for new homeschoolers.


Let me know where you're planning to move to, and I'll try to connect you with local homeschoolers so you can find out about support networks before you move here.


I hope this is enough to get you started. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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