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When one person in party doesn't want to ride

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chinclub    2

I am so excited!! 


I'm wondering if the new fast pass system will be person restrictive.  We are a family of four but I know my son won't ride the fast rides.  It would be great to reserve 4 fast passes and have one person ride twice (with his pass) so someone can hang with my son but no one has to ride alone.  I'm guessing this won't be possible though.

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Dianna    476

chinclub, This is possible through Disney's "rider switch" system. It's set up just for this purpose. One adult in your party can wait with your son while the rest of you ride. The waiting adult can then board the attraction (can bring one person back with him/her to ride again) without having to wait in the regular line again when another adult in the party returns to supervise your son. Find out more here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/rider-switch/



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