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Park Planning/Schedule Worksheet

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UPDATED WDW Schedule available now. 


I have updated the public calendar and highlighted the changes to park hours. Additionally, parades and Fantasmic! shows have been added. For more info, go here:


Hope this helps!


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all this info is great- starting to get excited here too! :D   I have read all the books mentioned above, the unofficial guide is great for a 1st timer,or if you're unsure of schedules,etc. I  think their lines app works really well too along with the touring plan,for a small fee.

   I usually go with easywdw,it's free and  our past couple of trips the info on parks etc has been right on the mark....we were able to tour where we wanted without too many crowds and lines this way. I recommend paying attention to their 'parks to attend,parks to avoid' list for each day...

  FWIW, we NEVER make rope drop (I doubt my family would even know what that term means LOL) We follow the easywdw advice for parks, and zig when the crowd zags.... if there are a lot of people heading in one direction,we usually head in the other, unless it's for a specific timed show,like possibly Fantasmic,which is timed,and has limited viewing spaces (seats)  fireworks,parades,etc....well the parks are big,and there are lots of places around that aren't as full of people/popular,and we tend to stick with those.

  (example: Main Street USA,MK avoid at all costs during the nighttime fireworks show,or night parades. Hang out farther back in the park, walk around to find good views,and avoid all the crowds)

  The guides provide info on grabbing a fastpass or 2 to a very popular ride, and we pay attention to that also.

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As I see changes to park recommendations, I am updating the spreadsheet. Today I updated some recommendations from Touring Plans that affect the later part of the week. So, if you are using this tool, you may want to check on it from time-to-time to see if there are new changes. 

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