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Christylou    0

I am trying to sort out the requirements for home schooling in South Carolina. To my understanding, you all do not use umbrella schools? I read about the three options you have instead and I was wondering what most people choose. In TN, we just sign up with an umbrella school and report our grades and attendance to them.

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Dana    29

We don't have umbrella schools.


The first option is reporting to the district. Don't do that.


The second option is using SCAIHS. They are based in Columbia but anyone from the state can use them. They have a small bookstore and some resources and support. They are pricier and have more reporting requirements (testing from 3rd grade up annually). You also have to submit reports and grades to them in their forms.


Then there are many different third option groups around the state. Each has different requirements for what they require from the parent at registration (some want copies of your degree on record or a notary indication of a degree) and what they require in terms of reporting and testing (I used one 3rd option group that wanted our report cards submitted and another that only wanted a form saying we'd met the law).


Most people with use SCAIHS or a third option group.

It's really not tough...

Welcome to the state :)

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Dianna    476

Hi Christylou, from what families in other states who use umbrella schools (TN, AL) tell me, our 3rd Option Associations are similar to what your umbrella schools are. The vast majority of homeschoolers in SC use a 3rd Option association. The 3rd Option law (with notes) is posted here: http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/alegal.html


My FAQ area answers a lot of the questions newcomers have about homeschooling in SC: http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/afaq.html


Welcome to homeschooling in SC! Let us know if you have any other questions.




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