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Hi everyone! So this year my twin boys have begun Kindergarten (with a curriculum) and I've learned in the past few weeks that they would be better suited for Unschooling. They seem to be more visually and action oriented and learn more playing than they do following the curriculum. Their sister is the complete opposite; she thrives on structure. The problem is that I have no idea where to begin. One is fascinated with the functions of the human body (heart, organs, blood stream, etc.) and bugs while the other likes race cars, building things and...well bugs. I do plan on still using their curriculum workbooks for math and writing.


If any of you have had an experience with unschooling 5 year olds, I could really use your advice on where to begin. Thanks!

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Hi Miranda,


I recommend taking them to the library and helping them to choose books, audiobooks, and videos about the topics they're interested in. If you don't know how to "label" their learning for documenting, take a look at Worldbook's Typical Course of Study.


Also, there are a lot of resources available through ETV StreamlineSC, including free access for SC homeschoolers to Discovery Learning educational streaming. For information on how to get access, go to http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/alinks2.html and scroll down until you find that link.


I'd also recommend field trips, projects, and other hands-on, interactive activities.


Documenting/keeping samples for a portfolio is a little different when you don't use workbooks or textbooks. Keep a list of books that you read to them, and that they read to themselves, and a list of documentaries, videos, streaming that they watch. If you go to the zoo or museum, or wherever, keep brochures and take pictures to document what they learned. Take pictures of their projects and experiments and inlcude them in their portfolio. Etc.


Also remember that learning happens all the time, including nights, weekends, and during the summer months. Our children learn 365 days a year; you're just responsible (according to SC law) for documenting 180 of those days.


I hope this helps.




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I pretty much unschooled my middle ds for K-2nd and I'm still more or less unschooling (but more w/ a set purpose of topics I want to cover).  While I had LA, Reading and math curriculum we just did lots of read alouds and hands-on explorations, trips, etc. for the rest of school.  Like Dianna said, we used the library or books I had on hands, followed topics that they were interested in and then I figured out how to place them for "social studies" or "science", etc.  For two years my youngest was stuck on Ancient Egypt -- so we studied all aspects of Egypt and applied it to Art, Science, Social Studies, LA, etc.  My youngest is very ADHD/SPD and will loudly proclaim he "HATES SCHOOL" but he is the first to grab an insect or hear a word, etc. and want to research it, draw it, etc.  But that's not school ;)

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