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Miss Cindi

New and looking for others - North Myrtle Beach

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Hi!  We just moved to N. Myrtle Beach and I'm looking for homeschoolers in the area...I have one boy, and he is 14.  We originially moved to Conway a year ago which is a very remote area, so we had absolutely NO support there.  Now that we are back to civilization I'm reaching out for some support.  My son is unschooled, and as of yet has not been able to make new friends, and I would love to have other homeschool mom's to chat with!  Is there ANYONE out there??  If so please shoot me an email at jerseerose@yahoo.com it you can.  I would like to also know of any support groups in the area..Thanks!!

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Hi there! Where do you currently live and what's your name? I'm Jamie McMahan and I live in Aiken. I have a ten, almost eleven year old boy and we do our own thing a lot. I haven't had the greatest luck finding people with kids my son's age that we mesh with. We're really easy going and open minded and open to new people. Hopefully you  live close and maybe get to know one another.  Best of luck and happy holidays!



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Jamie - Have you tried the Odell Weeks homeschool group on Thursdays?  I've only been a couple times but it seemed like a nice group.  The reason why I've only been a couple times is that the North Augusta group meets on the same days, and I'm usually over there.  (They take the summer off while the Aiken group does not).  The Aiken group has a yahoo page.  The North Augusta group has a facebook page - and I'm the contact for that anyway if you have any questions.  The NA group is for anyone in the CSRA, though our weekly park days are in North Augusta.  I have three kids, with my eldest being a 10 year old boy.


*There's also a facebook group called something like homeschooling in Aiken.  Another group worth checking out on facebook is a CSRA middle/high school group. 

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