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I am brand new to homeschooling and need help finding a curriculum for high school 9th grade. This will be our first time attempting homeschooling, and I am a little overwhelmed by all the options. I would like to find an online curriculum that is not too expensive. We are doing the homeschool option because of health issues so we don't have a big budget sadly. I have looked at several different sites and have found some reasonable ones around $ 300 for the 4 big courses (math, English, science, and social studies). If you have any suggestions from personal experience or at least a site that will allow me to see more options that would be awesome. Please help! We live in Sc btw.

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Hi Jenn,


Welcome to our forum and to homeschooling! :)


There are so many more choices for curriculum now than there was when I started over 20 years ago. Choice is good, but it can be overwhelming and stressful for new homeschoolers.


I don't have personal experience with any online programs, but hopefully other members have and will jump in to help. We tend to use relaxed, experiential-based resources (books, magazines, trips, real-life applications like 4-H for my daughter who is interested in raising chickens and actual investing with my son who is interested in economics/stocks/investing).


If you'd like to research different ways to homeschool, I have a guide available that talks about the different methods and resources that are favorites for my members. (Several hundred homeschoolers answered a survey and I compiled their answers.) It's available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook (if you visit my website, just click the links under the picture of my book, choosing your preferred format).


You may also find my FAQs helpful. In the meantime, I'll ask other moms of high school homeschoolers to come in here and share their experiences.




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