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Long Story - Please Read

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Her transcript says "Business Math" is in progress.  And it is what we've worked from here and there.  But we both HATE the text series she's been working from.

Some of the concepts are presented at an age/maturity appropriate level.  Others are well below, IMO.  And many are just unbelievable (learn how to calculate volume because it's going to be important to know how much ice cream will fit into a cone???  Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think there are many ice cream shop owners who calculate their ice cream down to the cubic units per cone.)

Overall I think the concepts are below what should be expected from a senior level class and/or of someone who has (supposedly) completed Algebra I and II and Geometry and done well in all.


Obviously, we know she needs remediation, and as you say, some sort of business or consumer math might be the way to go.  But either way I feel like we've got to find something new because of how much we both dislike the current work series and because I don't really see it preparing her for the next building blocks of college level work.

Which is why I went to thinking maybe we should just do as close to what she'd be doing as a college student.


I'm still open to suggestions though!  Either in how to teach it, what to teach, or just what to call it once we've taught it!  :-)

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