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Hello! We are in the process of relocating from Maine to South Carolina and will be down there in the next week. Our housing situation is temporary so we would like to homeschool our boys (1st & 4th graders) for the remainder of the school year, instead of enrolling them in a public school just to transfer them next year. They have started this school year in a public school in Maine so this will be our first experience homeschooling. Which open would you suggest as we do plan on enrolling them in public school next year? Where do I find curriculum so that next year they are right on target and can be enrolled in 2nd & 5th grades?

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Hi Laura,


Welcome to SC and to homeschooling! If you're certain you'll be enrolling your children next school year, my best advice would be to contact the school your children will most likely be attending to see what their guidelines are for children entering 2nd and 5th grades. You may find that your children are already there and can use the rest of this year to settle in, explore your new home, and see what our state has to offer (museums, zoo, historic sites, etc.). There's a lot of learning that happens when we're not forced to focus on textbooks!  If not, you can purchase curriculum to get them where they need to be (according to the school's guidelines).


I recommend the third option - it's the most popular option for homeschoolers, costs less, and is more flexible than the other options.


I also recommed that you read through my FAQs for more information about homeschooling in SC:


Let me know if you have any other questions.




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