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Hello All!

We have a 10 year-old Son who wants to graduate early so he can start college before a military career. While I know that those are serious long-range type goals, we want to support his dream as much as possible. All of that to ask, what is the best way to graduate early?


We have friends that are adding a few high school credits while in middle school to move ahead. I wondered if shortening his summer breaks and moving ahead  with his school year early is a good method. I should mention that he is a very smart, but exhaustingly active, boy. We both get fatigued with school around April and have a hard time doubling-up on lessons, etc.


Because of that, I shy away from the accelerated school year option but I don't want to discount it if it truly is the best option for him.


Please Help!!

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Welcome to our community, Barbra. :) 


Instead of graduating early, he may want to consider doing dual-credit courses in high school. Do you have a local college where he could take courses while he's in high school? Then by the time he graduates, he'll have credits under his belt and will be able to transfer them to whatever college he decides to go to (check into transfer agreements beforehand to make sure the credits will transfer), decreasing his time in college.




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