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hi guys -


I've had homeschooling in my heart for a couple of years. My husband hasn't been on the same page but I think he may be coming around. My son is finishing his first grade year (his first year in public school) and it has not been fun. Behavioral issues, lack of excitement about learning, and exhaustion. Now today a referral. :-(  Granted we were never called for one issue ever from K2-K5 so this year has stunned us. He was diagnosed with ADHD and we are dealing with that daily.




Now here I sit with all of my books on homeschooling etc. and I'm just trying to figure out what to do. I work from home full-time M-F...I have some flexibility but do have times where I need to be on calls, etc.


Am I crazy for thinking I can make this work? He's an only child so I will be incorporating some activities out of the home but being careful not to over do it (because I think the long days at school coupled with homework and then things like baseball in evenings is hurting us now).


Are there co-ops anyone would recommend where he would go for like one day a week?


Oh and we're in Greenville SC if that helps.



thanks :-)


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Welcome to our community, Stephanie!


You can homeschool around your schedule because learning happens all the time - nights, weekends, summer, etc. You have to document 180 days, but it can be around your schedule. While you're on calls, your son could be reading or doing some math problems or watching educational television a DVD or doing something educational on the computer, etc. Save the one-to-one stuff where he may need direct help (new math concepts, etc.) for evenings or weekends when you're not working.


Have you had a chance to read through my FAQs at It will help you with some of the basics, and there's even some advice about dealing with reluctant husbands. :)


There are co-ops, etc., but if you're working M-F, you may have a difficult time attending. Unless they allow drop-offs.


Hopefully others will jump in to share their advice, too. Let me know if you have any other questions.




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