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So, just checking...

If I am staying off site will I be able to order MB's once I register my tickets? If not, would I just use each separate ticket to get FP at the park? Also, are these plastic tickets or paper?

TIA :)


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Hi Dawn, I think anyone can purchase MagicBands (extra cost) while at Disney, but Disney resort guests get them free. There's no need to purchase them unless you just want to.


There are no separate FastPass tickets anymore (at least that's what they're working toward). Instead, you'll be able to reserve your fastpasses 30 days out via their website (60 days out for Disney resort guests and those staying at the Dolphin, our group hotel). You'll need the number on the back of your tickets (plastic) when you do.


For more info about how the fastpass system works, see the links on this page: http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/atravelwdw.html  (top several paragraphs).




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