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Option 2 or 3, what's the difference?

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Angela, Options 2 and 3 both refer to associations, and both provide the same legal avenue for us homeschool without having to register with the school district. Option 3 was introduced (and passed) in 1996 by homeschooling moms because Option 2 was too restrictive (provided for only one association, so we didn't have any choice other than registering through the local school district).


The vast majority of SC homeschooling families use Option 3 associations because most don't require testing, are budget-friendly, and allow parents to choose their own curriculum without having to approve it. Also, Option 3 mandates that parents maintain their own records, so there's less paperwork, which leaves more time to focus on learning.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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Option 2 is also only SCAIHS (and it's pricey!)

There are many option 3 groups with a lot of different prices & supports.

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