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Isabel Perkins

A great opportunity

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Isabel Perkins

Hello all!

I have been given the go ahead to start a weekly gathering of Homeschoolers at Augusta Street Church in West Columbia. In other words; I would like to form a homeschool Co OP in the West Columbia area and all are welcome. I need teachers and students alike and the best part is; it's free! I have a key and total.access to the property and I would only have to pay a very small monthly fee for heating and air. I am looking for suggestions and ideas but mostly contacts of Homeschoolers interested in weekly gatherings.

Let me hear from you!

Contact me on Facebook or here asap



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Isabel Perkins

A little about myself, the building and what I am looking forward to.

I am Mexican American, love to bake and can teach baking and cooking classes, The building has a kitchen, a small nursery and four classrooms available along with outdoor deck with grills for cookouts and a small jungle gym. We also have a piano for music teachers and if anyone plays a different instrument please feel free to teach as well! I am looking for Spanish immersion teachers, or other languages and We can meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from September 9th through May 28th being our last school day.

I suggest this as an ideal schedule; orientation begins September 4th with classes starting Tuesday September 9th. We can take a week break for Thanksgiving Tuesday Nov. 25th till Thursday Dec. 5th and have a last day Christmas Party on Tuesday the 23rd with no classes till January 6th. We can resume classes January 8th and have a week off for spring break from April 28th through May 4th with the last day of school being May 28th. Which we can have a graduation ceremony or celebration.

I would also like to throw in a once a month field trip and a monthly Mom's night out

Teachers and volunteers appreciated to get this Co Op off the ground and running will have a very special mom's night out for all their hard work!

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I am unfortunately not in your area!  But sounds great!!  


good luck,


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