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Looking for Group (Possibly in Charleston area?)

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We currently live in Nashville, but are looking to move to SC in the next couple of years. Where we go would be mostly determined by where we can find a homeschool group similar to our present one. We are a part of a group that was started to minister to homeschooling moms, with classes for kids nursery through high school. Moms are required to attend (it's not a drop off program) and go to Bible Study, committees, small groups, etc. The group has evolved into a tutorial for 7-12th graders, where they can take a minimum of two classes, and the option for all of them one day per week, doing work at home the other days. Does anyone have a suggestion for a similar group? I love the focus on the mom's weekly Bible Study and fellowship. Our whole family leaves refreshed and ready to finish our week strong.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I live in Summerville, not very far from Charleston. I'm not aware of any groups like the one you're looking for, but I, myself, just started homeschooling last month.

Like the previous person said, you can find homeschool groups on Facebook, which I have found plenty, but have yet to meet anybody face-to-face.

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