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Posted 02 July 2015 - 09:34 PM

If it's not too hard to stay up, I'd do them as soon as you can.  Then check back.  Even getting on immediately doesn't mean the times you want will be there.  The reason is because you can do it at 60 days if on-site - but it's for your entire on-site trip, so it's really more than 60 days.  I've heard of people trying to work the system too - booking a room for two weeks so they can book FP+ earlier on that second week and then cancelling the reservations for the first week.  I'm not sure if people are still doing this or Disney has caught on to that.  But even so, it makes it harder to find prime FP+ if you're looking for specfic times.  Due to getting to do all your days at once, I'd suggest planning on those prime FP+ for the later days in your trip - and reserving those first when you get on the system.  Definitely keep trying if you don't get what you want though.

I had a dining reservation experience where I couldn't get what I wanted either.  The reason was that the place had mostly small tables and was tiny.  So I booked us 2 and 3 initially, instead of 5.  It wasn't until right before that a table opened up - and then I noticed I actually had a few options.  I think sometimes people scoop up reservations ASAP and change it later on.  (That was Beaches and Cream so I didn't expect it to be as hard as it was to get a booth.  We did dessert for dinner with the full sized kitchen sink).