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Where is everyone staying?

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kohlby    33

Tracy - We'll be at the Dolphin from the 6th-12th.  (We're off-site after that).  My eldest is an 11 year old boy.  We're hoping to get there in time to use the pool on the 6th.  (I also have an 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy).  After the 6th, the eldest will likely end up at the Dolphin pool some evenings while I put the younger two to bed.


As for the rain, it's Florida and Sept is still summer there.  (As it still is here in SC too!  I've been watching FL temps and they've been very close to our temps except when one of us gets rain).  The chance of a day being a complete wash-out is very slim.  The chance of a quick pop-up thunderstorm is very great however.  Just make sure you have a rain cover for the little one's stroller, as stroller parking is often not in a covered area.  The chance of rain will be much greater in the late afternoon than morning, so it's also a good plan to hit the parks as early as possible.  (This also can help with the heat/crowds).

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Georgiagirl    0

We arrive early in the morning on Sept 4th and we are leaving on the 15th.

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