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What ages are Disney's educational programs for?
If you do the Expedition D82 workshop, it's for all ages (families go together). If you do the Behind the Seeds tours, it's for ages 5 and up. If you do the optional extra educational workshops, they're for students in kindergarten (age 5) through 12th grade. 
Who does Disney consider students for ticket purposes?
We can't have more non-student tickets than student tickets. (For example, we can't have 50 non-students in our group, and only 30 students - the ratio has to be even.) We can count children ages 3 and 4, and college-age students (up to 22).
We have two parents and one student in our party. Will we be able to get three tickets?
Yes - we've consistently had more students than adults, so we're going to proceed this year as if it'll all work out as usual.
Will I be able to attend programs with my students? 
Yes, at least one parent must attend with their children. Both parents can attend many of the programs (Expedition D82, Behind the Seeds), but we'll have to see how our numbers are running for the optional educational workshops before we can determine how many parents can attend.
Can younger/older siblings attend the educational program, too?
Yes for Expedition D82, but no one under age 5 for Behind the Seeds. No for the optional educational workshops. Only parents and students registered for the workshop can attend. Younger (including nursing infants, infants and toddlers in slings, etc.) and older siblings will not be able to attend.
Do the ticket prices include the hopper option?
Yes. You'll be able to hop between parks each day.
Does the price for Disney World and Universal tickets already include tax?
Yes, tax is already included in the price of all tickets.
What payment methods to you accept?
I accept checks, BillPay through your bank, and money orders. I don't accept PayPal or credit cards, but convenience checks issued by your credit card company are fine.
When is payment due?
Within 7 days of the date of my confirmation email.
For the fun passes, is it 4 or 5 fun passes per person, or per family?
You have 4 or 5 passes per ticket (per person).
Is it 4 or 5 *days* of fun passes?
No, it's 4 or 5 passes. If you visit a water park and a miniature golf course in one day, then that's two passes. If you visit a water park (or miniature golf course) in the morning, leave to eat lunch, then go back to the same water park or miniature golf in the afternoon, then that counts as one pass.
Are the water parks and Miniature golf courses considered parks (on our tickets)?
No - the four Disney parks are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. The water parks, Disney Quest, and Miniature golf courses are extras and you'll have 7 passes to use for them. (You must visit the miniature golf courses before 4:00 pm.)
Is Disney Quest included as a fun pass?
It was, but Disney says they're closing it down. If it's still operating when we go, I assume it'll still be included.
Does the regular golf course count as a fun pass?
No, the regular golf course is not included on our tickets.
So using one of the fun passes for a water park or miniature golf doesn't impact the number of park days on our ticket?
No. Using a fun pass will not "take away" one of your park days. They're two different things.
So using our park days on our tickets doesn't impact our fun passes?
No. They're completely separate.
We can go to as many of the four parks as we want each day?
Yes - that's what the "hopper" function does. You can hop between the parks as many times as you want for 7 days. They don't have to be consecutive days.
Can we get more days on our tickets?
No - tickets over 5 days aren't discounted, so please choose between our 4- and 5-day tickets.
If the tickets are for 4 or 5 days, will I have enough to do for a week or more?
Yes. Our tickets also include 4 or 5 passes to the water parks, the miniature golf courses, etc. You could go to Disney for 8 or 10 days and have something to do every day. Also, Disney Springs (Downtown Disney) and the BoardWalk areas offer plenty to do and neither requires a ticket.
We're going a few days earlier (or staying a few days later) than the group. Will our tickets still be valid?
Yes. Disney tickets will be valid from September 24 to October 15. You must attend the Expedition D82 workshop or Behind the Seeds tour to qualify for the tickets, so save one day on your tickets for that. If you miss it, Disney can charge you the difference between our tickets and the regular gate price.
Universal tickets will be valid around the same time as our Disney tickets. However, once you use the ticket, you must use the second day within 7 days or it will expire.
Where are the Cirque du Soleil seats?
Our group seats are in Category 3. They're not the best seats, but they're not bad, either. I've never received a complaint on our seats, but use your best judgment before ordering group tickets. (Cirque du Soleil won't give refunds on their tickets under any circumstances.)
Do you have a group hotel this year?
Yes - at Disney's Pop Century (value), Port Orleans French Quarter (moderate), and Wilderness Lodge (deluxe). If you want to stay at one of these, mark it on your registration form and I'll give you the number to call.
For the optional educational workshops, do I go by the grade levels at your website, or at Disney's site?
Go by the age ranges I have at my site. When a public school class arranges to participate in Disney's programs, they target the programming for that one specific grade. Since we're homeschoolers, they give us a broader range, but they still need to be able to target the information. We've found that the narrower we can make it, the better the experience is for all the students. That said, if your student's grade differs by one or two levels for any class, email me and we'll see if there's some flexibility for that specific class.
Do you provide transportation for this trip?
No, you must arrange your own transportation for this trip - to Florida and back, as well as between Disney and Universal, if you choose to go there. (If you stay at a Disney resort, they'll provide transportation to their own parks, as well as Downtown Disney and the water parks. They will not provide transportation to Universal.)
Are you getting SeaWorld tickets for the group this year?
No, it's just Disney World and Universal this year.
More FAQs will be added as we go along.

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