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    23 August 2013

    Herb Parker: Studio Practice and Joseph Burwell: School of the Viking Spaniard Revisited
    Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
    161 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC
    843 - 953 - 4422 ||| halsey.cofc.edu
    Guided tours: Lizz Biswell
    The stereotypical image of the artist’s studio as a paint-splattered, sparsely furnished garret where the lone artist toils away producing their brilliant works is in much need of re-examination. Many artists’ studios are a far cry from this description, and serve very different functions for their inhabitants. This exhibition will examine the relationship between the studio and the work produced within it by two contemporary artists who will recreate their studio spaces within the Halsey Institute’s galleries.
    About the artists
    Herb Parker is best known for his large-scale, site-specific nature-based installations around the world. Yet, he has an equally interesting body of works created, often, using found objects as a point of departure, and displayed within his studio. He is a sculptor and possibly South Carolina’s most prominent site-specific landscape artist. The College of Charleston art professor since 1991, a native of Elizabeth City, NC, has participated in over 50 site-specific interactions in the landscape since the early 1980′s. Parker has created public works at botanical gardens, a centuries old Japanese temple, urban centers, universities, rural landscapes and museums around the world. In addition to fifteen states, he has worked in Sweden, Japan, Italy and Canada. His South Carolina site works include those at the State Museum in Columbia, the Waterfront Park in Charleston, Chandler Creek Elementary School in Greer and the SC Botanical Garden in Clemson. In 1999, Parker was included in 100 Years/100 Artists: Views of the 20th Century in South Carolina Art at the SC State Museum. His work also is in Threshold: Expressions of Art & Spiritual Life, an SC Arts Commission exhibition of art from the Southeast that has been traveling since 2004. Parker has been represented in two SC Triennials and in exhibitions in more than a dozen states. The former U.S. Marine and Peace Corps volunteer holds a BFA and an MFA from East Carolina University in North Carolina and has studied in Italy through the University of Georgia.
    Joseph Burwell’s singular vision offers a world engineered by a network of realms and technologies, meticulously constructed and superimposed. The effect of architecture and space onto the psychology and emotions of the viewer is pivotal to the artist’s work. His drawings on wood are blueprints for modular structures inspired by ancient sacrificial sites, modernist habitats and medieval fortifications. His studio contains elements referencing the structures found in his intricate works. Born in Iceland in 1970 and raised in southwestern Virginia, Joseph Burwell began to study Architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design, but changed his major to Studio Arts and received his bachelors degree at the College of Charleston in 1993. He received his MFA in Sculpture from Tulane University in 1999 and moved to New York in 2000. Since, Burwell has exhibited in New York, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Egypt, Canada, South Korea, and many venues across the U.S. He is a 2011 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow (Printmaking/Drawing /Artists Books).
    Book a guided tour for your group today!
    Looking to See guided tours are available to any interested area school or organization. They are free of charge to all participants and led by trained, well-informed volunteers. Hands-on activities are available upon request. The Halsey is dedicated to increasing accessibility and community engagement, especially for youth and K-12 students. The free tours are led by knowledgeable and experienced guides and can be adapted to different time lengths, group sizes, and ages. Lessons within the galleries can be easily customized to follow specific classroom course objectives as the Looking to See tour guides are well versed in exhibition content and eager to collaborate with educators. More that 2,500 students have explored the Halsey Institute’s exhibitions with Looking to See Tour guides! The program is open to elementary, middle, and high schools, church groups and other interested organizations. In addition to the tours being free, bus parking has been arranged with the Charleston Museum at no charge. Travel subsidies to help defray the cost of a field trip to the Halsey Institute are available to schools/groups that demonstrate an economical or geographic disadvantage.
    To see more images of the exhibtion, please click here!
    Exhibition gallery hours: 11am to 4pm, Monday through Sunday.
    Open until 7pm on Thursdays, closed on Sundays.
    Guided tours are available outside of these public hours.
    Exhibit runs through October 5, 2013

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