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    13 September 2013 05:00 PM      08:00 PM

    GA: Homeschool Day at the Carlos Museum, Emory University
    Myths, Magic, and Mummified Fish
    Friday, September 13 Noon – 3 pm,
    Homeschool students and parents are invited to attend Myths, Magic, and Mummified Fish. Tour the Egyptian galleries with Museum docents, exploring mummies and coffins from several periods of Egyptian history, animal mummies, the tools and objects used in the mummification process, and images of the mummiform god of the Underworld, Osiris. View a video on the year-long process of conserving the Old Kingdom mummy, the oldest Egyptian mummy in North America, as well as Reading Rainbow’s Mummies Made in Egypt. Students will watch a demonstration and take home instructions on how to mummify a fish, just as the Egyptians did!
    Fee: $8 per person. Children under 5 are free. Pre-registration is required by calling 404.727.2363.

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