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    11 June 2014 03:00 PM

    Wonderful Wednesdays--Museum of York County presents something Buggy this summer! June 11th --July 30th at 10 am each Wednesday! Free with your admission! (Admission: Free under 3 yrs old, $3 children, $5 adults, $4 for seniors 60+) Go to www.chmuseums.org to get the details! New exhibit for kids, "What's Bugging Belva" will open the incredible insect theme for the summer! Movies, guests with live animals, and everything Bugs...plus, Bugs' Friends and Foes! June 25th-special show with Carolina Raptor Center as guests and live birds of prey! Lead a group? Reserved times for groups of 15 or more--just call: 981-9182 or email: scheduler@chmuseums.org.

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