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  2. Dianna


    Hi Crystal, Check out Seton Testing: https://www.setontesting.com/ Choose a test like the CAT (one that doesn't require an administrator). Also, read my FAQ about Testing here before you decide which (if any) test: https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/homeschool-faqs/
  3. garrettcorr


    I’m a new to homeschool parent and I have a first grader...so new on all fronts really. I want to do some bench mark testing to make sure we are on the right track and identify areas we need to work on etc. I was looking at the Iowa assessment test but wanted to ask here if there is a better resource. One other question: with that test, it says it ships to an administrator, I don’t need anything that formal and I’m not even sure if that’s something available in our area. Basically please help those with more homeschool experience. Crystal Corr
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  5. Dianna

    What's for Dinner?

    Teeth, beaks, and swallowing food whole – dinnertime in the animal kingdom looks different from ours! Explore the varied diets of animals around the world in this virtual lesson and tour from Riverbanks Zoo! (Registration is required.) https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/classes-and-field-trips/whats-for-dinner/
  6. Dianna

    Astronaut Training School

    Sign up for our Astronaut Training School and learn about satellites, telescopes, the International Space Station, and how technology enhances our knowledge about planets and stars. This program will get students excited about space and possibilities for the future. (Registration is required.) https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/classes-and-field-trips/astronaut-training-school/
  7. Dianna

    14 Year Old Son Socialization

    Melissa, since you're a member, I recommend that he get involved in my online activities (Field Study Boot Camp, Book Groups, and other things I'll be offering). Students are getting to know each other in the message boards and Zoom room, and the activities give them a common ground to start with. When we do field studies in the parks, families can meet during those (or not... it's up to each family whether they want to meet with others, or physically distance). Warm regards, Dianna
  8. MelissaShelton31619

    14 Year Old Son Socialization

    Hello everyone! I have an only child 14 year old son, needing a friend. With the pandemic, I have struggled to keep his socialization in swing this Fall 2020 semester. We have not participated in any CO-OPs this semester and we are struggling with socialization. We are from the Simpsonville, S.C./Fountain Inn area. He doesn't have friends and I was looking for someone who is local that is in a similar situation. I understand we are in rough times with the pandemic, but even if he had a penpal he could write for now (considering the virus) someday he could meet would be great. H
  9. MelissaShelton31619

    Need teenage friendships in Laurens SC

    If you're still interested, I do have a 14 year old son who needs a friend in his life! He is a bit shy, but once out of his shell, he will talk! He loves video games, gardening, and anything military. We are on the SImpsonville/Fountain Inn border, right by Walmart there! Let me know if you're still interested! Melissa
  10. Chautauqua History Alive

    Banastre Tarleton, butcher of the Battle of Cowpens

    Experience the Battle of Cowpens as told by the dashing British commander whose arrogance and ability defined the battle but could not defeat the Continental Army. Performed virtually by Mark Schneider from Colonial Williamsburg. A free virtual performance with audience Q/A. Registration required: HistoryComesAlive.org
  11. Jennifer C


    Anyone homeschooling in Campobello?
  12. Dianna

    Home Sweet Habitat

    Discover wildlife and wild places at Riverbanks Zoo virtually with us! From the ocean to the mountains, wetlands to desert, Earth is covered in beautiful landscapes that living things call home. Students will see what makes each home unique and how plants and animals function within these habitats. (Registration is required.) https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/classes-and-field-trips/home-sweet-habitat/
  13. Dianna

    Exploring Art!

    Explore art with us virtually at the Columbia Museum of Art! Younger students will learn how natural resources are used in works of art – from sculptures to architecture. Older students will learn how art shapes our understanding of cultures around the world. (Registration is required.) https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/classes-and-field-trips/exploring-art/
  14. Dianna

    Ecology Adventure!

    Join Carolina Homeschooler to explore taxidermy and adaptations, learn about animal survival during natural disasters, and go on an eco-hike to observe plant and animal life in the wild. (Registration is required.) https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/classes-and-field-trips/ecology-adventure/
  15. Chautauqua History Alive

    Who Was Typhoid Mary?

    Popular Chautauqua Star Leslie Goddard returns to our Zoom arena with this fascinating illustrated Talk about the famous asymptomatic carrier of typhoid twice forcibly quarantined by authorities for a total of nearly three decades. She died in quarantine. What a story to tell and couldn't be more timely. HistoryComesAlive.org
  16. Chautauqua History Alive

    World War Women ™ : The Unsung Heroes of World War II

    Celebrate our veterans with the stories of the women who risked their lives to defeat Fascism in WWII. From organizing the Resistance, to blowing up rail tracks, descrambling German Enigma messages and flying dangerous missions, these stories may be the most influential and often forgotten victories of the war. This event is a free virtual performances. Audience Q/A will be featured. Registration required. Register at HistoryComesAlive.org
  17. Dianna

    Barrier Island Adventure!

    Join us for a tour of Charleston’s salt marches and Capers Island State Heritage Preserve! We’ll learn about tidal creeks, marsh ecology, oyster bed communities, dolphins, barrier island formation, sand dunes, beach erosion, and more. https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/classes-and-field-trips/barrier-island-adventure/
  18. Dianna

    Backyard Biology!

    Join us for our first virtual assembly with Discovery Place Nature and experience science and nature through live animals, exciting demonstrations, and engaging conversations! https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/classes-and-field-trips/backyard-biology/
  19. until
    Larry Bounds, Greenville Chautauqua’s Artistic Advisor channels the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe in this exploration of Poe’s melancholy works and life as the Dark Romantic form of writing that Poe embraced. You’ve seen Larry in many creative forms Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney and Walter Cronkite to name a few. Now hear him in a reading of “The Raven” and more . . . This event is an illustrated Talk on Zoom. https://infodepot-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEqf-6qrjIsHtbNtDp2P_Tyd5G6UodGYlHT CLICK HERE TO REGISTER After registering, you will receive a confir
  20. MommyOf3

    Camden, SC

    Hey! I have a 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son, we are out in Camden and would love buddies to go do field trip things with!! :)
  21. BethRish

    Greenville Area

    We are new to homeschool this year a 5 year old boy in the Furman area. We are big playground and park fans.
  22. Rachel C.

    Band for homeschoolers?

    Beckie, If it is marching band, you may be able to pursue it;however, in our district, Lexington 1, my daughter couldn't participate (or audit) orchestra because it wasn't an elective--it was a graded class. The district manipulated the interpretation of the Equal Access legistlation We even got HSLDA involved and were in litigation for 4 years with no success--just a lot of delays, stalling, mediation (their solution was that we could put my daughter in school and bypass school choice and she could go anywhere she wanted). Good luck!
  23. LeslieOwens

    Band for homeschoolers?

    We asked middle school band teacher if we could participate in 7th grade band and he responded - he didn’t think we could. No one in admin ever responded when we withdrew.
  24. Dianna

    Band for homeschoolers?

    Hi Becki, Read through the 59-63-100 Equal Access to Interscholastic Activities section here: https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/homeschool-faqs/sc-homeschool-law/ This also relates to sports, so if you have proof that the school allows students to continue sports without waiting a year, then you need to bring that up when you talk to the school about this law. Dianna
  25. We are in York County SC and being told by the school district that if we switch to homeschool my child can no longer participate in High School band. This feels a little discriminatory to me, since if he played a sport this would be no problem and he would be allowed to continue. Has anyone had experience in this area?
  26. Jennygwen1


    Sorry, I did it twice. I'm not sure how to delete posts here. Here is my post! I'm in a similar position. I also have an 8 year boy who would have entered GT this year and we are homeschooling due to covid. I also have a kindergarten boy. I haven't had quite as many challenges, but I have gotten a lot of push back about doing work from my 8 year old. He's not like that at school either and in fact, did pretty well with distance learning. It's been challenging. I've started trying to give him more choice in what he does. Like, doing a research project o
  27. Hello, we recently moved to the area and will be homeschooling my son who just turned 6 and his little brother who just turned 3. Would love to find a local family for outdoor meetups this fall
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