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  4. Marlyn Boyd

    Painting Classes for Teens

    I will be teaching a small group painting class for teens (ages 12-18). Painting Class Ages 12-18 Beginners to Advanced Mondays 4:30-6:30 p.m. Rolling Admission Village Artists at Sandhill Six two-hour classes for $150 ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED Most students will complete one or more 16 X 20 canvas per session. I have over 30 years educational experience with a wide variety of students. For more information or to enroll please call Marlyn Boyd (803) 361-2236 or email mdboydphd@gmail.com
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  6. Rebecca, Thanks for your reply. We are using a variety of math programs: MathVids, XtraMath, & EasyPeasy. My 8th grader didn't learn much in his brick & Mortar public school math class last year, (an overall low "B", 80, grade) so we started a week earlier than our school district w/ 7th grade math so he gets everything he needs before moving onto 8th grade math/Pre Algebra. He is enjoying his other subjects via many different curriculum's, but math is his weakest subject so we are doing extra there. He certainly enjoys his other subjects more given the variety, visits to museums/library, & ability to visit out of town family while he learns away from home. He really enjoys CH's Kids Discover as well. Best to you and yours:) Deborah
  7. Young Artist's Workshoop

    SC: Young Artist's Workshop

    Do you love art? Are you, or your student or child, between the ages of 5-18? Sign them up for the Young Artist’s Workshop today! Join us, this Fall, for some excellent art making opportunities! Classes will be offered in drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, and more. Young artists are provided with a comprehensive art education experience, that is all about the production, appreciation, and evaluation of art. Sessions occur every Friday from September 14th - November 2nd (with the exception of Holidays) from 4:00pm-5:30pm. Spots are limited, complete an application to ensure your spot today! Deadline for applications is September 12, 2018. Cost is $100 per student *$10 discount for faculty and staff of USC employees (copy of valid USC ID required)* YAW Fall 2018 Application.pdf
  8. I wanted to reach out and say that our first year homeschooling I was beyond overwhelmed. We followed a curriculum and made sure we didn't miss anything even though my son hated the curriculum. This year we are taking a more hands on approach and we are both loving it. We are not doing a set curriculum, we are doing more library visits, museum visits, zoo, and we are traveling more. I realized that through learning we can visit different places. We do have things that he will do on our off days when we aren't going out, but its things he actually enjoys. Did you sign up for the CTC Math? If so, how do you guys like it?
  9. DSBG

    NC, SC: Home School Day- DSBG

    Please join us at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden October 24th from 9:30-12:30, for a Fall themed Home School Day. Pre-registration online is required. Objective: “Enjoy a hands-on morning learning about the lifecycle of a pumpkin along with fun facts about bats, birds, and fall migration. Students will explore questions such as , “Why do fall leaves change color?” and “Why do evergreen trees stay green?” Join the education staff at various stations set up throughout the Garden. There will be 6 stations set up throughout the Garden, each focusing on a different learning objective. 1. The Lifecycle of a Pumpkin 2. Goin’ Batty! (all about bats) 3. The Life Story of Leaves Why do fall leaves change color? Why do evergreen trees stay green? 4. Birds Taking Flight (Fall Migration) 5. Scarecrow History 6. How Do Our Cold-Blooded Friends Prepare for Winter? (snakes, fish, frogs, turtles) Cost for this event is $8/first student, $5/each additional student and $12/adult (must be from the same household). Students will be given a passport which they will have stamped upon completion of the activity at each of the 6 stations. Students can bring their completed passport to the registration desk to receive a free gift! Also, families may enter a drawing for a complimentary family pack of 4 Holiday Lights tickets! Please contact Paula Keller at 704-829-1270 if you have any questions or need additional information. www.dsbg.org
  10. Hi! I'm looking for like minded friends to connect my 3rd grade daughters with.....we live a few minutes away from the Village at Sandhill....we like to go to Hi-Wire and local parks. Thanks in advance!
  11. moptophead


    Has it been 8 months since my last status update?  Yes.  Am I back with more witty content for the crickets and the occasional tumbleweed to read and enjoy?  ...maybe.  We'll have to see.

  12. Gretchen Woertendyke

    Geometry Curriculum

    Thank you very much!
  13. charlestonpanic

    Geometry Curriculum

    We are using Derek Owens online program for Honors Geometry. We started in June and my 14 year old is enjoying it and seems to understand it well. https://derekowens.com
  14. does anyone have any experience with CTCMath for middleschool or highschool?
  15. Gretchen Woertendyke

    another math question

    We decided to use Spectrum 8th grade Critical Thinking and Workbook as the foundation for computational literacy (not comprehensive, also working with cooking, animals, urban farming, money....) - the materials on this curriculum suggest that no calculator is needed but our son believes that he does need one. Just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with these books and if you recommend using a calculator or not. Thanks in advance for any insight, Gretchen (Columbia, SC)
  16. Debra Sheehan

    New to the Irmo area.

    Hi! My family recently relocated from Florida and I am looking to connect with other homeschooling parents in the Irmo/Lexington/Chapin areas. I have a daughter in the 5th grade and this is our second year of homeschooling.
  17. Gretchen Woertendyke

    Geometry Curriculum

    We are new to homeschooling and are hoping to find some resources to teach our 8th grader geometry. Any science curricula suggestions also welcome. Thank you in advance - nervous but excited.
  18. My son excelled academically in brick & mortar school in 6th & 7th grade. We have decided to homeschool for 8th grade for many reasons. We used Calvert Academy in 4th grade, & K12 in 5th grade. We considered Connections Academy for 8th grade as we wanted more freedom from online live lesson/ required classroom time, but I cannot get the info needed for absences. Several days of his unexcused absences were due to me keeping him home after calls from the school regarding threats of gun violence by students, a few days were due to me signing him out early due to his upset over teachers making inappropriate comments to him. Yeah, that happened! I am certain homeschooling is our best option, I always have felt this way. However, choosing a program/materials completely overwhelms me. Please share what materials/programs you use for 8th grade level other than the three aforementioned schools. Mom in a panic here....thanks in advance, Blessings:)
  19. historiccolumbia

    Homeschool Friday: South Carolina Sports History

    September 7, 1963—the day the Football Hall of Fame was created. The same day, sixteen years later, ESPN debuted on television. Join us to learn about South Carolina’s rich sports history, from horse racing to football, and how it has impacted the state. Homeschool students are invited to participate in Historic Columbia’s Homeschool Friday programs on the first Friday of each month. Each month’s program is from 10 - 11:30 a.m. and includes hands-on activities while students learn and explore different themes and historic sites with Historic Columbia. Homeschool Friday programs are designed for students of elementary and middle school age levels. This program is open to families and homeschool groups of less than 10 students. For larger groups, we recommend arranging a separate visit to explore that month's topic. Each program begins at the Gift Shop at Robert Mills, located at 1616 Blanding Street, unless otherwise noted. Visit HistoricColumbia.org to learn more or to register.
  20. RockStarMum

    Anyone near Hartsville, SC?

    We are just now starting our homeschooling journey. I was wanting to get to know everyone and see if we had anyone near us to meet up with. We are located in Hartsville but close to Darlington and Florence.
  21. Hi! We're starting our homeschooling journey on the ground floor. I have a soon-to-be-six-year-old son who loves to run, jump, climb, play Legos, tell stories, talk about trains, and make explosion noises. We live in Forest Acres and we are hoping to connect with some folks who will become good friends and playmates. He is friendly and sociable, and has not been able to be around kids his age for the better part of a year (most of his preschool classmates went off to kindergarten without him last year).
  22. Dianna

    Art Lessons for homeschoolers

    You passed the test!
  23. Bekmiley

    Art Lessons for homeschoolers

  24. Dianna

    Outsiders Campout

    Join us for our Outsider's Campout! Members only - see details in our members newsletter.
  25. Elizabeth Laney

    A Day With Aunt Julia

    A Day with Aunt Julia (August, Children’s Program) August 04, 2018 from 9:30 am – Noon Kids $5, Adults & SC Park Passport Plus Users (4 per group) FREE Bring your family for a morning of fun and games at Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site in honor of the estate’s third owner “Aunt Julia.” Old-fashioned games and crafts will be held throughout the morning, along with special kid-friendly tours of the historic mansion and slave cabin that will explore the lives of the children who once lived at Redcliffe. The highlight of the event will be an ice cream social and raffle held from 11:30 – Noon. Donate school supplies to enter a raffle to win a free AFTER DARK tour of Redcliffe with your family and up to six friends in Oct/Nov. See details below. Come anytime between 9:30 – Noon for games, crafts and tours but Ice Cream Social and Raffle begin at 11:30 am. Dress for the weather – hats, closed-toed shoes, sunscreen and water are highly recommended. Back to School Raffle – Donate school supplies to enter a raffle to win a private tour of Redcliffe AFTER DARK. Each item (1 pack of paper, 1 pack on pencils, 1 pack of folders) equals 1 raffle ticket (single items like a single pencil, single folder are excluded – MUST be a pack to qualify for raffle ticket). Suggested donation items include pencils, pens, 24 pack crayons, glue sticks, safety scissors, book bags, 2 inch 3-ring binders, loose-leaf lined paper, composition books and notebooks. The raffle winner will win a free AFTER DARK tour of Redcliffe for their family and up to six friends (no more than 12 people total). Park staff will consult with the family to choose the best date and time for their tour which should take place in October or November. The tour will include the historic Magnolia Lane and the first floor of the historic mansion.
  26. MrsMac3


    Anyone homeschooling in Anderson/clemson area? I have an 8 yr old in 3rd grade.
  27. Hi Angela, Summer is a little slow, but a lot of member will start emerging from "vacation mode" soon and will hopefully post in here. In the meantime, keep an eye out for member newsletters for meetups and Outsiders events around the state. Warmly, Dianna
  28. Hi - this will be my twin 8 year old daughters' first year of homeschool, and we are thrilled about the wonders ahead! If you are near this area and have suggestions for Co-ops or if you are interested in play dates, trips to the park, trips to HiWire, etc., we are on the search to make connections with others in this area. I welcome any feedback or suggestions.....I'm very thankful to have this forum to use for reaching out.
  29. Dianna

    Just getting started

    Hi Jamiebeth, and welcome to SC! To find more about homeschooling in SC (and homeschooling in general), read through my FAQs here: https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/homeschool-faqs/ If you're interested in registering with Carolina Homeschooler as your homeschool accountability association, see my membership information here: https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/membership/ Let us know if you have any other questions after reading through those FAQs. Warmly, Dianna
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