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  2. Please register for this field trip before placing your order.

    Join us for our final Nat Geo Live field trip and explore the Arctic kingdom. We'll track polar bears, follow caribou herds, and see the Northern Lights in stunning detail!


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    Where do you live?

  5. Hello! Any homeschoolers with young kids on Johns or James island? We also go to Mount Pleasant very often. I’d love to meet other homeschool moms with preschool age kids.
  6. Chautauqua History Alive

    History Festival (all week) - begins today

  7. Parises

    Nat Geo Live - Big Cats

    I just wanted to share another opportunity to learn about big cats coming up in April for anyone who enjoyed this event or may have missed it. On April 28, there will be a free open house at Suzie's Pride Big Cat Sanctuary in Rockwell, NC from 2-4pm. The event is listed on Facebook too if you need more info.
  8. Dianna

    Withdrawal for daughter

    Hi Kristen, I answered this question via email. Yesterday (or the day before - the same day you emailed). Please check your spam folder if you don't see the email. Warmly, Dianna
  9. Kristenmccoy1

    Withdrawal for daughter

    I’m new to homeschooling! I’m so excited about this journey we have chosen. My oldest has struggled greatly in public school over the last 4 years and her school is just misery for her. It’s been a rough year. She starts her new homeschool curriculum June 3! We want her to have a bit of a break in between since she won’t have a “summer vacation”. I want to take her out of school and keep her home from this point forward and not have her go back. It’s just a waste of time for her and to us when we know she won’t be staying in public school. Does this association call the school and inform them of her being withdrawn? I know some associations do but I am not familiar since I am new to this! I just want her out of there and not getting in trouble for her not returning!
  10. It depends on the school, and on the classroom. Call the school (or arrange an interview) to see if they'll share their scope and sequence with you so you can make sure you're covering the same skills that students in that particular school is. Content area subjects aren't usually an issue (social studies, science) because content is new each year. Reading, math, and writing are more skill-related (skills build on previously learned skills), that that's where your student may have to catch up (or wait until the rest of the class catches up) if you were to enroll your child in a public (or private) school. No association would be better than any other regarding this because they don't teach your student. (Not sure if that's what you were asking, so please clarify if you still have questions.) I hope this helps. Warmly, Dianna
  11. I am planning to homeschool my 5 year old for kindergarten starting in the fall. This will be our first homeschooling experience. We’ve decided to take it year by year to determine if it’s a good fit for our family. If there is a chance that my child will be enrolled in public or private school at a later date is Carolina Homeschooler a good fit for us? I want to make sure that we will be meeting any requirements for enrollment in a grade appropriate for her age if we choose to go that route sometime in the future.
  12. Sandlapper Singers

    Masters Youth Choir ft. Michael John Trotta

    This is a rare opportunity to see a world-renowned composer lead a performance of his own work. Recognized as a dynamic clinician and “one of the most exciting and prominent new composers of choral music,” Michael John Trotta will take the stage with the Sandlapper Singers to conduct this concert dedicated exclusively to his acclaimed original compositions. This special performance will feature high school singers from around the region, as well as a string quartet to add to the musical experience. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students, and free for children 12 and younger. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime musical event!
  13. Kerry

    Conway area!

    We are located in Conway! I have a homeschool student and he is 11 years old! Would love to make other homeschool connections on here!
  14. Dianna

    Getting kids to think...

    Maria, it may be spring fever (homeschool burnout).This happens a lot to students (and parents!) this time of year. I recommend dropping what's not working, and trying to do as many non-textbook-y activities as possible (like those described here: https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/trial-run/ and also read this: https://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/does-this-count/. This will help your children to love to learn, and hopefully take more ownership of their own learning. The Key-To Math series (especially Decimals, Fractions, Percents, Measurements, and Metric Measurement) would be a good change of pace and introduce (or re-introduce) math concepts until you decide on a different program for next year. (See samples here: https://www.christianbook.com/page/homeschool/math/key-curriculum-press.) I hope this helps! Warmly, Dianna
  15. I'm homeschooling 4 kids, ages 10, 9, 7, and 6. Recently I've noticed a trend with especially my two older boys leaning toward just trying to deduce the right answer (especially in math!) and no interest in actually understanding. One of my biggest reasons for homeschooling is because I want them to think, engage, and care. The lazy factor lately is really catching me off guard, coupled with amazing outright defiance. As soon as real thought is involved they melt. I've been talking to a few homeschool moms with kids of similar age and they all say they are seeing similar behavior. I'm trying to combat this with books on things they are interested in, asking open ended questions and a variety of projects (posters, comic books, simple journal writing, art)...but there's not a whole lot I can do with math. They don't care if they know how to do the problem, they just care about getting it right. (We have been doing a computer program (Monarch) for math. I won't be doing that next year because its encourage them to click around for the answer and then I have to go back, reset the lesson and go over it with them while they grumble that they DO understand, they just can't explain it or give me the answer...) Multiple days a week I'm saying "ok, we're done, you can do math with your father when he gets home." So I'm looking for 2 things, 1) How do you encourage kids to care about learning and actually understanding? 2) Math curriculum suggestions for boys who really could care less about math...
  16. South Carolina is not a "notice of intent" state. Just register with an association as soon as possible. (You're considered truant right now, but still the school is working with you, you have some leeway.) Faithful Scholars is still accepting members. Google her and register as soon as possible. Also, this is a great resource for anxiety: https://www.amazon.com/What-When-Worry-Much-What/dp/1591473144 It's young for your son, but is helpful anyway to learn the causes of anxiety and how to handle it (without drugs or therapy). I hope you recover soon! Warmly, Dianna
  17. My 8th grade son has recently experienced a huge spike with his anxiety and has had to be withdrawn from his private school education. He was withdrawn on the 12th of this month and I plan to continue his education at home for the remainder of this year. I also had surgery on the 12th and time has gotten away. Option 1 is not available in my area and I have decided on Option 3 (due to cost and flexibility). I understand, I need to submit a Declaration (or Notice) of Intent to homeschool. Do I have a timeline to meet on that? I was just told it was 10 days. His school is allowing me to continue to use his books to finish this year in hopes that he will return next year. Considering I already have a curriculum, does anyone have advice for me on Option 3??? I am clueless and recovering. Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  18. historiccolumbia

    Historic Columbia | Summer Camp

    Looking for a summer camp packed full of fun, history, and slime? We got it dude! Campers ages 8 to 12 are invited to take an adventure through the ‘90s and see history come to life through interactive activities and exploration of the gardens, grounds and houses of Historic Columbia. Learn about the founding of Columbia in the 1790s, play historic games from the 1890s, and throwback to the slime and boy bands of the 1990s! Campers will build their own cities, churn butter and play “hoop and stick”, and learn the Macarena before taking on the iconic “Double Dare” obstacle course! Summer Camp is $180 for Historic Columbia members and $220 for non-members. Historic Columbia’s summer camp will be offered June 24-28 and July 8-12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.* Participants must complete both the registration form and waiver before they can register. *Please Note: Parents have the option to pick their children up at 5:30 instead of 4:00 for an additional $40.
  19. Michele

    3rd grade playmates near NE Columbia

    Hello, My name is Michele and we would like to meet. See if there is a connection?We live near sandhills too!
  20. Chautauqua History Alive

    Andrew Jackson –| Chautauqua Talk led by Larry Bounds

    Join an audience that loves talking back to history to discuss Andrew Jackson ( the only president with an entire Age named for him - with Larry Bounds, Chautauqua' Artistic Director, AP High School English Teacher and professional magician. As volatile as the Age of Jackson was, his fight for the rights of the average white male pointed the way for those excluded to seek rights of their own. The female, the salve, the free black and the Native American - rose up to demand Jacksonian Democracy be extended to them. The Jacksonian Era was nothing short of another American Revolution. Let's talk about it. This event is NOT a costume performance. Andrew Jackson will be performed by Larry Bounds in the Chautauqua History Alive Festival (June 15 - 24)
  21. Chautauqua History Alive

    Jackie Kennedy | Chautauqua Talk led by Marion Strobel

    Join a audience that loves talking back to history to discuss Jackie Kennedi wth Marian Strobel, PhD chair of Furman University History Department. There is something mysterious and private about this very public person. Was she myth maker of her husband's legacy or shell shocked PTSD survivor. How did America survive a decade of unprecedented political assassination and unpopular war? How did democracy survive the Revolutionary '60s? Lets talk about it. This event is NOT a costumed performance, Leslie Goddard will perform as Jackie Kennedy int he Chautauqua History Alive Festival (June 14 - 23)
  22. Chautauqua History Alive

    Malcolm X, a Chautauqua Talk

    Join an audience that loves talking back to history to discuss the revolutionary Malcolm X with Cynthia King, PhD chair of Furman University's Department of Communication. Malcolm X is still seen as one of the most controversial figures - form one of the most highly charged periods in American history. His assassination and those of JFK, MLK and RFK rocked the nation. There is nothing more powerful and revolutionary than a martyr's cause. Lets talk about it. This event is NOT a costumed performance. Malcolm X will be performed by Darrick Johnson in the Chautauqua History Alive Festival (June 14 - 23)
  23. WonderWorksMB

    SC: WonderWorks Homeschool Days - Thru Feb!

    We invite you and your family to join us and take advantage of these spectacular savings! Offer valid weekdays in February. WonderWorks Homeschool Days February 2019 Cost: $12+ Tax Groups of 10 or More: $10+ Tax For your convenience. I’ve attached a flyer with details on this special offer. Cost is $12 + tax per person –Monday-Friday. You must present your homeschool membership, association card, or umbrella letter to receive the discount. Groups of 10 or more receive additional savings at $10+ tax per person. Advanced reservations are required to receive this discounted rate. 2018-2019_Homeschool_Days.pdf
  24. aholbrook

    National Alpaca Farm Days

    Join us the last weekend in September as alpaca farms across North America open their gates for free to the public. Experience alpacas up-close Feel the alpaca fleece Tour the farm View live demonstrations Learn about raising and breeding alpacas Shop for alpaca products Enjoy a fun-filled day for the entire family! Open both days from 10-4. Visit www.cppastures.com for more details.
  25. caterpillargraphics

    Hi new to homeschooling Camden/Sumter area

    Hey! I know this is nearly a year old but I have a 9 year old girl who turns 10 in May (2019) who would love to make new friends. I also have an 11 year old (soon to be 12 year old) girl who prefers to play with guys. She considers herself a tomboy but I disagree. She loves Pokemon and uses that as her basis.
  26. Dianna

    Lost dog columbia/irmo

    Just shared this on the South Carolina Homeschooling Families facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthCarolinaHomeschoolingFamilies/ Warmly, Dianna
  27. Debra Sheehan

    Lost dog columbia/irmo

    I know this is a long shot but we are new to the area and don't know many people. Our male beagle got out today. Answers to the name of Lou. Black and tan with white paws with beagle freckles. He was wearing a red, detroit red wing collar with a small round silvee tag with his name and phone number on it. Lost in sheffield neighborhood off Irmo Drive. If you live near here, please be on the lookout. He is an inside dog. Very worried.
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