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  4. Please register for this field trip before placing your order.

    Join us for our Tyrannosaurs and Flying Monsters field trip to Discovery Place, where we'll see the new Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family  exhibit and watch the new Flying Monsters IMAX!


  5. Dianna

    Hi new to homeschooling Camden/Sumter area

    I'll start my Outsiders events soon, so you'll meet other members at those and can plan meet-ups throughout the year. I'm glad to have you with us! Warmly, Dianna
  6. Hi this will be my first year homeschooling and I am beyond excited to join this association. I have twins a boy and a girl that are 9, that will be turning 10 soon. If there is anyone in the area that would like to get together to plan curriculum, go on trips please send me a message
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  8. historiccolumbia

    Saturday Stroll | Heathwood

    Join Historic Columbia for a stroll through Heathwood! Columbia’s Heathwood neighborhood derives its name from Moses Chappell Heath, who established this community east of the city in the early 20th century. Today, Heathwood is a name associated with land developed by both Heath, beginning in 1914, and his son-in-law Burwell Deas Manning, Sr., starting about 1940. Successive generations of original families remain in this tight-knit community of architecturally distinct residences with mature landscapes. Tickets are free for members and children 5 & under, and $8/adult and $5/youth for non-members. For more information or to purchase, visit HistoricColumbia.org, call 803-252-1770 x 23 or email reservations@historiccolumbia.org.
  9. I've posted a lot of new field trips for fall 2018! See all of them here: http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/group-trips-and-events/ Warmly, Dianna
  10. Drone Camp

    Please register for this field trip before placing your order.

    Join us for our family Drone Camp! Students ages 9 and up (and parents!) will construct a drone, then practice flying before attempting the drone obstacle course.


  11. Please register for this field trip before placing your order.

    Join us for Flight School! This 3-hour program focuses on hands-on learning and flying through simulation. Students will also learn about the history of flight, aviation careers, and participate in flight challenges.

    From $11.00

  12. Please register for this field trip before placing your order.

    It is rocket science! During this half-day family camp, students ages 5 and up (and parents!) will learn how to construct and launch two rockets of increasing complexity (plus get another one to take home).


  13. Please register for this field trip before placing your order.

    Join us for our mission to space! Students in grades 4-12 will participate in a simulated space mission, then build and launch their own bottle rockets into space!

    From $11.00

  14. Space Tour

    Please register for this field trip before placing your order.

    Join us for our Space Tour! Students in grades K-3 will explore Mission Control and the Space Station, enjoy an e-Planetarium show about the moon and the earth, make some silly space stuff, and more.

    From $8.00

  15. I think my last member newsletter was confusing, and I apologize! There are forms and samples for biannual reports and daily/weekly journals in the members area, but these aren't required. If you've already documented your own way, that's fine. These forms/samples are optional, and just give new homeschoolers an idea of one way to do it. If you want to access these forms/samples, I can give you access to the members area (instructions for accessing it was provided at the beginning of the school year). What's required is the end-of-year compliance certification. That link is in the email, too, and will take you right to the form. If you haven't submitted that, please do it now and you'll be finished with what I require. Let me know if you still want access to the members area so you can see the optional forms/samples. Warmly, Dianna
  16. I cannot find the progress report? The link in the email I received takes me to the forums but from here I don't see any link for the form. When searching for it I found another person asking the same question in the forum. Can someone post a link to the semi-annual progress report please? Thank you
  17. I’m often asked how to do a “trial run” before fully committing to homeschooling, especially during the summer. My advice is not to break out the textbooks and workbooks. Instead, do this: http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/trial-run/
  18. Kyle H.

    Upstate Bearcats Athletics

    I wanted to just inform everyone on an amazing opportunity that will be given to all home school student athletes of the Spartanburg and surrounding areas. The Upstate Bearcats is a newly formed group that will be basing all of their sports programs out of the Upward Star Center for the 2018-2019 school year. Below is a list of sports that the Bearcats will be offering. FALL SPORTS Middle School Boys Soccer Middle School Girls Volleyball... Middle School Cross Country Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Varsity Girls Volleyball Varsity Boys/Girls Cross Country WINTER SPORTS Middle School Boys Basketball Middle School Girls Basketball Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Varsity Girls Basketball Varsity Boys Basketball SPRING SPORTS Middle School Baseball Middle School Girls Soccer Middle School Track & Field Varsity Baseball Varsity Girls Soccer Varsity Boys Soccer Varsity Track & Field These sports will all have tryout dates that will be posted on their Facebook Page "Upstate Bearcats". They will be competing with local middle and high schools around the area and will be members of the South Carolina Home School Athletic Association. If you have any questions about any sports being offered or would like more information, please feel free to contact Kyle Heppeard at kheppeard@upward.org And feel free to check out the Bearcats Facebook page!
  19. Dianna

    Progress Reports

    Hi Brooke, I just gave you access to the member's area. Let me know if you can't see it now. Warmly, Dianna
  20. BrookeB

    Progress Reports

    Where can I find the progress report form?? I am sure its under my nose but I can not locate them!!
  21. historiccolumbia

    Homeschool Friday: The Hampton-Preston Mansion

    With the installation of new exhibits at the Hampton-Preston Mansion, we will learn more about the previous residents of the property. Wade Hampton I became one of the wealthiest planters in the country by the time of his death in 1835, owning more than 3,000 enslaved individuals. Wade II and Wade III, with the help of their extended families, continued this legacy. Documents show that the Hampton-Preston family enslaved more than 60 men, women and children at this site. Through artifacts, hands-on activities, and documents, students will encounter aspects of our troubled past as a slave-holding society. The cost is per student, with an accompanying adult free. Homeschool Fridays are $5 for members, $6 for non-members and $8 for both members and non-members at the door. For more information, call 803-252-1770 x 36 or email jquint@historiccolumbia.org.
  22. historiccolumbia

    Moonlight Cemetery & Secrets From the Grave Tours

    One hundred and sixty years of history will come to life during our popular Cemetery Tours! Grab your flashlight as we tour one of Columbia's oldest cemeteries and discover centuries of stories etched in stone on the markers and headstones found within Elmwood Cemetery's acres of carefully planned grounds. The perfect after-work activity, our cemetery tours are an event the whole family will enjoy. Choose from two tour options every month through October: Secrets from the Grave Tours, 7:30 pm: Join us before dark to study the symbols found on many of the markers and headstones in this historic cemetery. Moonlight Cemetery Tours, 8 & 8:30 pm: Tour Elmwood Cemetery and discuss the lives, burials, cemetery plots and tombstones of families and prominent citizens from Columbia's 19th and 20th centuries. Tickets are $8/adult & $4/youth for members, and $12/adult & $6/youth for non-members. For more information or to purchase, visit HistoricColumbia.org, call 803-252-1770 x 23 or email reservations@historiccolumbia.org.
  23. Kerry

    Myrtle beach / conway area

    Hello everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well! We are in Conway, now that the weather seems to be spring in full force! Would anyone like to plan a get together? I have a 10 yr old son! Thanks!!! Look forward to meeting more people!!!
  24. historiccolumbia

    Hampton-Preston Reopening

    Join Historic Columbia for the reopening of the Hampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens! On May 12, we will debut updated interpretation, new exhibits, hands-on interactive elements, and expanded and enhanced public gardens. We will also unveil physical improvements that have been made to the building, including a new exterior paint scheme, an entry hall painted oil cloth and more. This event will commemorate the 200th anniversary of the house’s construction and a variety of activities will be available, including house and garden tours, special presentations, children’s games and crafts, 1910s calisthenics class, quadrille dance lessons, plant sale, live music and food trucks. Tickets are $5/adult and $3/youth for members, $8/adult and $5/youth for non-members. For more information or to purchase, visit HistoricColumbia.org, call 803-252-1770 ext. 23 or email reservations@historiccolumbia.org.
  25. Dianna

    Partial Homeschool

    Hi Stacey, I don't personally know of any, but hopefully someone else here will be able to help. Warmly, Dianna
  26. Can anyone make suggestions or steer me in the right direction of a learning institution in the Charleston area (Mount Pleasant preferred) that has a partial homeschool program? Go to school 2-3 days per week and the other days I homeschool? My seven year old is enrolled in the Charleston County school district while also a competitive gymnast. This requires having to be at school by 7:15 each morning while practicing four days a week after school for 3-4 hours at a time. She goes straight from school to practice and makes it home just before 8:00 p.m. to go to bed and do it again the next day. Something has to give. She doesn't want to be pulled out of school all together but I'm trying to find some kind of compromise.
  27. Dianna

    Strawberry Farm Homeschooling Trip

    Please post information about where, time, how much, etc. Your attachment didn't include much info. Dianna
  28. If intrested, please email me so I can let Karen at the farm know. SEE ATTACHED
  29. Okay, let me know, and I might enter.
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