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Found 2 results

  1. knitwit

    6th grade newbie

    Hello! We are new to homeschooling and are looking to learn more about curriculum for a rising 6th grader. We love our private school, and are very happy with the curriculum there, but other circumstances require us to attempt homeschooling this year. We have been assured that if homeschooling does not work out, her school would love to have her in attendance next year, and they are saving a place for us. That's a nice safety net. Were DD to be enrolled in her school next year, she would study Latin, Algebra I (she's ahead in math), Earth Science, Geography, and Language Arts/Grammar. Her elective subjects would be Drama and Art, as well as Robotics. It's a fabulous school and we hate to leave it! I was initially looking at Connections Academy, due to the highly organized curriculum, but I do not want my child on a computer half of the day, and also I am a bit wary of the public school machine (and I did not like that I would be labeled a "learning coach"). Besides, we are wanting to homeschool to have more flexibility which would allow DD to pursue her chosen sport, take piano and art classes with local teachers, and would allow her to have more time with "hands on" learning, which suits her bodily-kinesthetic learning style just fine. I am curious what recommendations you, or any readers have, for a first time homeschooler, for a third option curriculum. My thoughts: I would love to offer her a Latin course, Algebra I, for sure. Are there specific requirements as to what subjects should be required per grade, or is that entirely up to the homeschooler? We live in the lowcountry, so we are rich in SC history, and historical sites to visit. She loves history, particularly hands on history, as well as science. I would love advice on Latin curriculum (we have the books from her school that her older sister used for Latin I), I have the Algebra I book from older sister, as well. IN fact, we have all the textbooks from her older sister...can a curriculum be mirrored or created by just using the same books and going from there? I know I'm rambling, but am really just getting adjusted to the idea of third option homeschooling and would love to have some advice! I am concerned that were my child to go back to school later this year or next year, that she might be behind or lacking in areas if I venture off the Classical curriculum she would be receiving. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice regarding this? I love the idea of a boxed curriculum, even a piecemeal one I put together. She is a gifted learner, and a self starter. She will get bored if she is not challenged, but definitely needs hands on activities to be happy. If you're still reading this at this point, thank you for your patience and for your advice! Laura
  2. Hello I am new to South Carolina and i am going to be homeschooling my children. My son turned 5 in December so will be starting kindergarten this year. I have a few questions i need straight answers to. (i have read alot of different information and I am very confused) 1. Do I have to let the school district know I will be homeschooling? 2. Is there any forms for the state i need to submit besides signing up for an accountability group? 3. Can I start anytime for the school year, as long as I have 180 days present in homeschool? Thank you so much in advance for helping. Things are so different in this state and I don't know too many homeschooling families. --Heather--
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