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  1. Representative Brannon, the author of H.3478, has reportedly written a letter to Representative Phil Owens, the chairman of the House Education and Public Works Committee, and to Andy Patrick, chairman of the K-12 Subcommittee. The letter states: “I write to ask that H. 3478 remain in subcommittee without hearing. I no longer support this bill in its current form and do not want the bill to become law. I’ve talked with Representatives Horne and Anthony and have informed them of my decision. They both concur.” Many (including long-time homeschooling advocates) seem to understand this to mean that the bill is dead. However, that's not what his message states. It says that he's no longer supporting it "in its current form." This vague wording leaves everything as dangerous as before. Note that he's not removing himself as a sponsor, nor is Horne, and it seems that Anthony isn't either. All they need to do to get it rolling again is change the wording, and ask for a hearing. And since so many think it's already dead, they won't be watching it as closely. I don't know what the procedure is for repealing the bill completely, but that's the only action I will accept at this point. If Brannon and the others removed themselves as sponsors, then I would be more willing to accept that this bill won't go anywhere. Just my thoughts... Dianna
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