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Found 10 results

  1. This is like new as I was using the online version more and more. This is the secular version of Sonlight and is the World History 2nd year. The Language Arts pages have all the worksheets included - never used. No markings or write ups on any of the pages. Binder is like new as well. Asking $45 plus shipping It weighed at about 8lbs and I'd ship media mail unless otherwise asked. I'm in the North Myrtle Beach area if someone wants to come and pick it up - save yourself some shipping! Thanks!! Dana *who is learning to live in a MUCH smaller house and apparently accumu
  2. I am looking to borrow or buy an out of print Student Notebook that accompanies the 2ND edition of Apologia's Chemistry textbook. I keep checking all the regular haunts online in case one shows up. At this point I would be happy to look through a used one so that I can set up something similiar in google docs for my daughter this coming year. The student notebook was such a BIG aid in her confidence and success in Biology and I'm really hoping to offer a similar tool to her this year. Anyone have one I could buy or borrow?
  3. Hello! We are new to homeschooling and are looking to learn more about curriculum for a rising 6th grader. We love our private school, and are very happy with the curriculum there, but other circumstances require us to attempt homeschooling this year. We have been assured that if homeschooling does not work out, her school would love to have her in attendance next year, and they are saving a place for us. That's a nice safety net. Were DD to be enrolled in her school next year, she would study Latin, Algebra I (she's ahead in math), Earth Science, Geography, and Language Ar
  4. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas/experience etc. with science experiments. I want to do more hands on science with my boys (ages 5, 11, &13) but I have no idea where to get ideas, supplies. I thought about just going to Walmart and looking around for things I can use, however I really do not have a whole lot of "free" time to spend looking. I've done some looking online but the various "kits" seem way too expensive and flimsy. We're starting into our 3rd week of classes and I'm bored with the book work. I want to encourage their interest in and fascination for
  5. Hi All. I won a Junior Astronomy Notebooking Journal at a conference I attended. While we will be doing astronomy this year, my student is too old for the junior version. Does anyone here need it? It is brand new and I would love to pass it on to you. I'll mail it (my gift) to the first responder. Emily Pitman Here is a (super LONG) link with more information. http://www.christianbook.com/exploring-creation-astronomy-junior-notebooking-journal/jeannie-fulbright/9781935495598/pd/437605?dv=c&en=google&event=SHOP&kw=homeschool-0-20%7C437605&p=1179710&gclid=Cj0K
  6. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with K12's online classes? I'm looking at individual courses you purchase online and *not* the free public school option. I'm specifically thinking about electives for my soon-to-be high school student and possibly sciences for middle and high school. Also, if you have purchased an individual course, would you mind sharing how much it cost? There are no prices listed on their website, and I don't want to get on their mailing list unless I absolutely have to (yuk - I hate mailing lists). Thanks in advance! Beth
  7. I've come to realize I really don't like teaching two different science programs to my older kids. Next year, my oldest child will be in 9th grade and my middle child will be in 6th. Can anyone recommend a curriculum that would suit both kids with options for a more in-depth (high school level) course of study for the 9th grader and still cover a decent amount of material for the 6th grader? Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. My daughter is using the accredited Abeka Academy program this year for 4th grade. With having 2 toddlers also we thought this would be a great way to help me split my time better. We researched this program out before hand, I thought pretty extensively, but after the 1st quarter now I'm having 2nd thoughts. I love the program and the work she is doing. The past years I've wondered if I was challenging her enough and I definitely do not worry about that this year! She is really being forced to use her noggin. My hang up is that while I love the videos, so that I'm not teaching which allo
  9. Hello all!! I'm trying to sell my 4th grade edition of Teaching Textbooks. It includes all 4 CDs and the answer book for $80. I'm also interested in purchasing the 5th grade edition. I have a few other items and was curious where fellow homeschoolers bought and sold their curriculum? Thanks!!
  10. Kristan asked this on my Facebook wall. I'm answering here because it's an easier format (for me) for longer answers (and because then it'll be available to others with the same question): I am trying to get my curriculum together for my daughter for 2nd and 3rd grade please let me know if any of these books will work. -Read and Understand Science, Grades 2-3 by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers -Getting to the Core of Writing: Essential Lessons for Every Second Grade Student by Richard Gentry -Core Skills: Spelling, Grade 2 by Steck Vaughn Company -Steck-Vaughn Core Skills: Lan
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