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  1. Hello Everyone, I am finishing up my Dyslexia Tutor Training with the Dyslexia Training Institute and part of the curriculum is a field assignment to tutor someone who is slow to read or write. l will drive to your home, office, meet at a library or go where ever it would be easy for your student to learn. Here's the criteria for the student for my practicum. Age: must be 5 years old or older. Student can be in K-12 public school, private school, homeschool, college or not attending school at all. Diagnosis - no formal diagnosis required. The student must either: have a dyslexia diagnosis (which many do not) have an IEP with the qualifying condition of SLD be at-risk for a reading and/or writing disability (they have a history of struggling with reading and writing in school) The student must be able to learn other information - have an average to above average IQ. No previous Orton-Gillingham instruction Must be a Native English Speaker The parents have to agree for me to video tape our session for critique of my teaching (a release form will need to be signed-no one sees the video except my teacher.) After passing the final exam, I will be assigned a mentor that will guide me through the practicum and provide feedback on my lessons and lesson plans. Best times for me to tutor would be Monday - Thursday after 1:30- 7 pm. Friday, available all day. Other times could be Saturday. Sunday, only if there is no other time that we can meet. I will need to have 42 lessons completed. The minimum requirement to meet with a student is twice a week with each session being a minimum of 50 minutes. If I need to meet more than twice a week, each session may be shorter as long as the total time adds up to a minimum of 100-120 min per week. For instance, four 25-30 minute sessions would be fine. Any questions, please email me asap. I'm choosing one child, so please call me for an interview asap. If you know of any child that needs help with reading and writing please forward this message. Warm regards. Tami
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