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Found 12 results

  1. Here's an article about the homeschool rally on Tuesday, February 21: http://www.greenvilleonline.com/viewart/20130222/PARENT/302220045/UPDATED-Home-school-advocates-gather-Statehouse-steps Warmly, Dianna
  2. As of February 19, Representative Horne requested to be removed as a sponsor of House Bill 3478. Here's the link to the bill status page: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess120_2013-2014/bills/3478.htm Dianna
  3. Here's a link to an article in the Post and Courier. Brannon and Horne both discuss what they really want in a future bill: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20130217/PC16/130219223/1165/proposed-legislation-prompts-fierce-pushback-from-home-schoolers-across-the-state Dianna
  4. A bill (3478) was introduced in the House that would require associations to give the State Department of Education our student's names, require standardized testing, and repeal the 3rd Option of the law by July 2014. It's just been introduced in the House and has been sent to committee. If it makes it out of there, then it gets read 3 times and voted on, then it goes to the Senate where it goes through the same process. It's not a fast process, so you have time to gather your thoughts and contact your local representatives, as well as those who are on the House Education (and Public Works) co
  5. BillieJo Youmans

    A letter opposing the bill

    I shared this letter with Diana and she felt it might be of interest..I was able to use a list from HSLDA that provided te names of all the Education Committee participants and sent this to all 17 online. May it be of use as you write your own perspective. If anyone needs the direct link to the HSLDA page, just let me know. I am writing to encourage you to oppose House Bill 3478. We have homeschooled our children throughout their educational careers. Our son will graduate this year and plans to attend a local college while working and pursuing additional career-specific training.
  6. Representative Brannon, the author of H.3478, has reportedly written a letter to Representative Phil Owens, the chairman of the House Education and Public Works Committee, and to Andy Patrick, chairman of the K-12 Subcommittee. The letter states: “I write to ask that H. 3478 remain in subcommittee without hearing. I no longer support this bill in its current form and do not want the bill to become law. I’ve talked with Representatives Horne and Anthony and have informed them of my decision. They both concur.” Many (including long-time homeschooling advocates) seem to understand this to m
  7. Statement from Curtis Bostic about H3478: As a candidate for the United States Congress from the 1st Congressional District of SC and even more importantly as a homeschooling dad (for more than 15 years) myself, I am keenly aware of SC House Bill 3478 and the attempt to roll back the hard won legislative victories for homeschooling parents in South Carolina. I know how hard parents worked in 1990 to counter the efforts of some who wanted to take away the liberty of parents to direct the education of their children and then the hard fought victory to get the statute enacted that birthed
  8. Thank you for sharing your concerns. We are taking those into consideration and are reworking the bill. What I want is a central registry of students who are homeschooled so that the Family Court will know in a case of neglect or abuse if a child is actually being homeschooled or if that child is truant (often due to the parent's severe drug abuse). In Dorchester County, we have had several cases where children have been out of school for a long period of time and DSS is not being alerted by the school district. The district is being told that the child is homeschooled when in fact the parents
  9. A message from Mick Zais, SC Superintendent for Education: "Throughout my life I've met some terrific students who were home schooled by their parents. I strongly support the rights of parents to home school their children. Working with the General Assembly, I supported passage of the Equal Access to Interscholastic Activities Act (Act 203), which allows home schooled students to participate in activities at their zoned school. I do not support efforts to restrict the rights of parents to home school their children. That is why I am strongly opposed to H.3478, a bill sponsored by Represen
  10. There are several ways to keep track of House bill 3478. - You can contact your local representative and ask him/her to keep you updated on the status. - You can watch the house journals once the bill gets on the floor, if it ever does. Here's a link to the journals: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/hjournal.php - You check ths status of the bill every day*. Each time something happens, it's documented. Here's the link: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess120_2013-2014/bills/3478.htm *Look at the very bottom for the date/time of the last update to make sure you're current. Sometimes it ta
  11. Here's an article about the bill posted at Update Parent magazine: http://www.greenvilleonline.com/viewart/20130211/PARENT/302110064/Families-oppose-changes-home-schooling-law Dianna
  12. When you call your representatives, remember to remain calm and polite. I know how politics can get our blood boiling sometimes, but it's important that they realize we're rational, responsible parents who only want the best for our students. Also, it's important to give reasons why you're against the bill (testing isn't the best way to measure learning, especially for homeschooled students (see my FAQs for information about testing: http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/afaq.html) and that one association cannot possibly meet the needs of all homeschoolers. Having one named in the law creat
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