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Found 5 results

  1. YorkTechSusan

    Your Student Graduated, Now What?

    University Transfer Session (Free) Building A Room 256 University Transfer is a program that gives students the opportunity to complete up to the first two years of their Bachelor's degree at York Technical College. Students can earn a University Transfer Certificate, an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science Degree before transferring to a four-year college or university. York Tech has agreements with many institutions in South Carolina to make transferring as seamless as possible. Reserve your spot today https://www.eventbrite.com/e/university-transfer-information-session-tickets-12090385669 For more information contact: Susan Clark 803-981-7174 sclark@yorktech.edu
  2. Homeschool students are cordially invited to York Technical College's Discover YTC event for homeschool students on April 11th at 2:00 p.m. Our goal is to help students develop an awareness of the many opportunities at York Technical College. Students will engage in a general information session and subsequent academic specific sessions where they learn about program and transfer options. Students will also tour the York Tech campus and have the option to make an appointment for COMPASS testing. 10th & 11th grade students will learn about dual enrollment, a program that allows high school students to take college classes. 12th grade students will learn about our University Transfer Program, Presidential Scholars Program, and our Associate Degree programs. Those interested in participating should register online at www.ytcinfosession.eventbrite.com. Contact me with any questions. Susan Clark Community Outreach Coordinator York Technical College 803-981-7174 sclark@yorktech.edu
  3. Homeschool students are cordially invited to our Discover YTC Event Friday, April 11th at 2 p.m. The goal of the event is to help potential students develop an awareness of the many opportunities at York Technical College. York Tech has programs for students interested in an Associates or Bachelors degree. For 10th & 11th graders: Learn about our dual enrollment program and how you can start taking college classes while still in high school. For 12th graders: At this event you will learn more about our: * University Transfer program * Presidential Scholars program * Business, Computers, Arts and Sciences programs * Health & Human Services programs * Industrial and Engineering programs Reserve your spot today at www.ytcinfosession.eventbrite.com. Questions? Contact Susan Clark at 803-981-7174 or sclark@yorktech.edu
  4. In the high school chapter of my homeschooling guide, I caution parents (and students) not to think of one post-high school path as “less than” another. Society often looks at college as “better,” but it may not be better for your student. Read about one student’s post high-school journey here: http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/alinks10.html. Warmly, Dianna
  5. I'll try to be as brief as possible, but I appreciate in advance anyone who takes the time to read this and offer insight. My step-daughter was homeschooled for most of her life by her mother. She was apparently always ahead of her peers as far as her transcript and classes completed showed (not sure about retention/comprehension - keep reading). She should have graduated at least a year early, but for various reasons, did not. Recently she came to live with her father and I and we have been working on her homeschool assignments with her. She is a high schooler who only needs two academic credits to finish school. She HATES her curriculum, however. We discussed several options with her and ultimately landed on doing a dual enrollment through our local community college for the spring semester. She wants to venture somewhat out of homeschool, but not so much as a public high school. She's interested in meeting more peers and having a wider social circle. And she wants to get a head start on her college education since she feels like she should have been in college this year anyway. Here is where my question begins. We took her for placement testing and were given the classes she should sign up for. Her math score was low, but she was told there was a class she could take at that level or she could try to re-test and place higher. When we sent her class request in (with the lower math class), however, the college is saying they can't "allow" her to take the math class. To get true DUAL credit she needs to place into a class that seems three levels above where she is. She can get college credit for placing into only one class higher, but she can't receive high school credit. Here is the meat of my question: If she is being homeschooled and the homeschooling parent/association can determine what curriculum is appropriate, why could she not receive credit for the class that's only one step up? We feel fairly certain she would place into that class with a re-test since we've covered more material and she's had a chance to experience a standardized testing situation. We don't want to abuse or skirt the system in any way, but I can't wrap my head around why we can't give her the grade she would earn from the college and let her finish her transcript and get her diploma. Especially if she were to stay truly homeschooled and we created or used a curriculum for her at her level it would possibly be less difficult than the college class.