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Found 7 results

  1. My 8th grade son has recently experienced a huge spike with his anxiety and has had to be withdrawn from his private school education. He was withdrawn on the 12th of this month and I plan to continue his education at home for the remainder of this year. I also had surgery on the 12th and time has gotten away. Option 1 is not available in my area and I have decided on Option 3 (due to cost and flexibility). I understand, I need to submit a Declaration (or Notice) of Intent to homeschool. Do I have a timeline to meet on that? I was just told it was 10 days. His school is allowing me to continue to use his books to finish this year in hopes that he will return next year. Considering I already have a curriculum, does anyone have advice for me on Option 3??? I am clueless and recovering. Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  2. WonderWorksMB

    SC: WonderWorks Homeschool Days

    Experience the Upside Down Adventure at WonderWorks! October 2017 is Homeschool Month! ONLY $9.99 Per Person - Valid up to 4 people Monday-Friday Valid for NC/SC homeschool educators. One discount per family. Must present an umbrella letter, association membership, or documentation from local school board. All pricing is plus tax. 1 Lazer Tag Game - $3 per person Experience an Educational Adventure Today! Advance reservations required for groups of 10 or more. Contact Sales at 843-626-9962 ext 506 or schools@wonderworksmb.com. 170475 Homeschool Month Oct17.pdf
  3. Anyone know of any support groups in these areas that we can become a part of? My son is in desperate need (as being an only child) of interaction with other children his age. (fifth grader). Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello, We are new here so let me start with a little background and then what I am looking for in this post. My daughter is one of five children. We used the K12 program and the connections academy as well as regular brick and motar public school. All of our other children either attend a brick and mortar or are K12. My daughter has a medical condition, Mitochondrial disease, fibromyalgia, and is not keeping up at all with school, nor do I feel she is retaining everything. She will be in high school next year so we have decided to pull her out and homeschool her on our own. That being said, I realize that you learn every day which is our goal in this. Seeing as the potential of her going to school and being a Dr or a Lawyer are slim to none, even dr's have stated this, I feel it is in my best intrest to teach her to really just function in society and prepare her to care for herself. We do intend to push her to do a college, as College of Charleston is currently working towards allowing special education students attend classes there. She is very artistic, so we would love to see her persue that or even cooking school, as those are her current intrests. We are attempting to figure out how to do this and stay in regulations. For example can teaching her to budget be considered Math? Can we use cooking as something? Shopping I would gather to be math as well. She does love to read, so can I simply have her write a report or talk about it? Also , Do we have to keep a lesson plan and how exactly do you write those out? Some say you just have to keep a sample of the work, but when I registered to become a memeber with Carolina Homeschooler I feel certain I saw a lesson plan needed to be done. The other question I have is curriculum, she does amazing in Math, until we get to geometry. We have been leaning on doing Algebra 1 or 2 with her and skipping the trig or geometry part. Is this bad? We just feel these are things she may never use but also that it makes no sense to stress her out by doing this. Okay I think that is all. Thank you so much for any and all help. Joanne
  5. Hi there! My name is Jessica and my daughter Layla, will be five when the 2014-2015 school year begins here in Greenville SC, this fall. After some deliberation with my husband, we have decided to try homeschooling her this year. I have some questions that I would greatly appreciate some advice on! Registration for the Greenville County School District for Kindergarten and First grade is going on right now, the last day being tomorrow January 16th 2014. Do I need to notify the school district and let them know that I plan to homeschool through a third option homeschool association? And if so, how soon do I need to notify them? Before registration ends tomorrow or any time between now and the start of the school year? How soon do I need to register with the third option homeschool association? Now, during regular school district registartion or just before the typical school year begins so I can be sure to complete our 180 days of schooling? We would like to register through Carolina Homeschooler if possible within the next few months. Thank you for your time! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. hi there - My son is currently in 1st grade in public school and is starting to be labeled as "fidgety, too talkative, impulsive, etc". This is all new to us and has led us down the ADHD testing road. Needless to say we are overwhelmed and are just trying to find the right path for us. Does anyone here have experience homeschooling a boy who is high energy? I may need to be working from home at the same time so any advice is welcome! thanks, Stephanie
  7. stephmcgrath

    Greenville SC families

    hi there - I'm new here...we are trying to decide whether or not to pull our son (6) out of 1st grade and home school. I was wondering if there are any families on here from Greenville, SC? If so, I would love some direction re: co-ops in the area, etc. thanks! Stephanie
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