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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I am new to South Carolina and i am going to be homeschooling my children. My son turned 5 in December so will be starting kindergarten this year. I have a few questions i need straight answers to. (i have read alot of different information and I am very confused) 1. Do I have to let the school district know I will be homeschooling? 2. Is there any forms for the state i need to submit besides signing up for an accountability group? 3. Can I start anytime for the school year, as long as I have 180 days present in homeschool? Thank you so much in advance for helping. Things are so different in this state and I don't know too many homeschooling families. --Heather--
  2. I'm brand new to homeschooling (this week!) We just moved from Phoenix and combined with the overcrowding at ILES my ds was not adjusting well. We're going to try hs through the summer and if it works out well we'll keep going. I'm looking for a support group near Indian Land or Fort Mill to join. Thanks.
  3. Im new to homeschooling. Im trying to find all the info I can. I'd like to talk with people in S.c that are already activite and see what books to use for all 3 of my kids in different grades, the cost to do this, how its working for people
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