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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I had some questions about homeschooling Kindergarten using a waldorf style for the 2014-2015 year. I have researched a great deal about Waldorf and I know that typically in the early years or Kindergarten years that diving into heavy academics is discouraged. I plan to create a loose curriculum around the fundamentals such as storytelling, home environment contribution, imaginative play, arts and crafts etc. I also know that by state law in South Carolina we are required to teach certain information to our children each year, like reading, history, math, science etc. So my question is, what exactly qualifies as teaching these subjects in a waldorf homeschool kindergarten? Can reading a story about harvest time and then cutting an apple open and explaining about how it grows into an apple tree counts as a lesson in science? Or counting all the leaves we collected that afternoon in a basket and dividing them equally amongst ourselves count as math etc. Etc. I understand that waldorf has a less mainstream approach to education and that they dont believe you should necessarily be adding and subtracting in kindergarten or learning heavy academics as it were, but I want to be instructing her in accordancewith state law and wasn't sure if I needed to create a more defined curriculum while still including all the beautiful aspects of Waldorf in each topic. Any help or advice would be so greatly appreciated as I we head into this new adventure! Thank you!!! Sincerely, Jessica
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