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Looking for friends near Aiken

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Hi there! My name is Jamie. I homeschool my one son,Logan, who will be 13 in March. He is very independent but we both could really use some friends. Logan is a good boy who gets along with people of all ages but I'd like to find some kids around his age. Thanks for your patience and I wish everyone a great year.


Jamie McMahan

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Hi!  I'm in North Augusta.  My eldest son will be 13 in May.  Are you in any of the CSRA groups?  We go to the weekly park days in North Augusta as well as the ones in Augusta.  There are some in Aiken as well - but those are the same day as the North Augusta ones so we don't usually make those.  

 There is another boy who sometimes comes to park day who is also 12, turning 13 before the next school year.  There is another one who comes who is 12 who is moving in a couple of weeks - and he's actually from Aiken.  My son has a moving-curse on him though - he makes friends easily but they move away at an alarming rate.  So, a bit of a warning that you may end up moving soon if your son becomes friends with him.   :)  

Let me know if you are on facebook and I can send you some links through it or through private message about the Aiken, NA, Augusta groups.  As well as a couple CSRA tween/teen group.  If you aren't on facebook, then I can also provide you some info about those groups.


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